My Guardian Angel by Evangelene : Book Review



Synopsis: Kassia Preston, a best selling author whose a bit of recluse, but who could blame her after what had happened to her all those years ago. Thankfully, her brother Darios and her friends Genna and Tara had always been there for her. One day in Darios’ gym, she meets Jason. He’s young, fit and mouthwateringly sexy. Kassia is drawn to him, not only because of his looks but because of something else, something indescribable.

Jason Theroux, a young SWAT officer has his own demons that he keeps hidden deep inside.

What happens when these two broken souls get together? Will they be able to survive their past and forge a new future? Or will their demons begin to threaten their relationship, destroying it completely?

Date Published; April 7, 2014

Publisher: Self-published

Date Read: June 2014


I don’t know if it is just me, but maybe reading fifty shades of grey was enough to last me a lifetime and another romance/erotica book just couldn’t do it for me, I was queasy and squirmish at some parts, it is like I wanted it to end all at once. I’m not saying it is bad, but I feel like everything happened in an instant, instant affection, and instant, yes you guessed it right, instant sex. Well maybe I am not too much accustomed with erotica novels, well it is still an unchartered territory after all. It was too good to be true, and I was catching myself saying “oh boy” or grimacing at some parts, that I have to set aside the book for a while because I just couldn’t continue anymore. The way the characters were described was as if they all looked perfect, that they are altogether lovable and no one in the goddamn world could ever resist them, there was Darios the hottest brother, Genna and Tara the most beautiful best friends, and Jason who is like a god and of course Kassia whom everyone wants a piece of. I mean, seriously, can we at least make someone as real as a true person? I know, i know, a book is an escape and no one forced this on me, but I guess I was just a little disappointed, that is all. But I have to admit I really loved the last chapter – Jason’s point of view. It has a potential, I mean story wise, it was something, the problem maybe was it wasn’t well executed.

Oh well, im just going to charge this to experience. I guess it wasn’t really my cup of tea.




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