Soft Spot for Poetry

Poetry will always have that special space in my heart, I love the string of words that tells a whole lot of emotions . I have written a few back in the day, but somewhere in between life happened and my humble attempt at poetry took the backseat, but my love and appreciation for it will forever live

These days, there are a lot of poetry books that emerged, and I want to get my hands on all of them! Lately I have read Lullabies by Lang Leav and I am reminded that poems can send too many message across and something we could all relate to one way or another.

So here, I listed the Poetry books I plan on buying. 🙂 I already bought one from Book Depository which was B by Sarah Kay. 🙂


Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet. Now I am waiting for it to be available over at Book Depository


Naked Human by the amazing Christopher Poindexter. Goodness, I love everything this man writes. This one will be released I think by March 2015


Chasers of The Light by Tyler Knott Gregson


No Matter the Wreckage, another poetry book from Sarah Kay.

How about you do you enjoy poetry too? Maybe you could recommend some to me? 🙂


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