Jessica Thompson

This is a new segment here in my blog, and I will try my best to feature different author every month. This is to show you guys who are the authors who made a big impact in my reading life or life in general and why I love their works to no end. The first author I will be featuring would be Jessica Thompson, my idol, my favorite author, the only author I would like to be stuck with in an island or the one author I would like to be next to when apocalypse comes, that’s how much I love her!


About This Author (Taken from Goodreads)

Jessica Thompson is an author living in London.

Born in Yorkshire in the late eighties, she then lived in France and Kent, before moving to the big city she loves so much.

Her very first ‘novel’, written in her early teens, is so old it was stored on a floppy disc. She spent most of her childhood reading her latest poems and stories to her long-suffering but inspirational parents, who encouraged her to continue sharpening her skills as a writer.

This passion for writing continued and flourished, and she eventually trained to become a reporter with the National Council for the Training of Journalists. She was a reporter for two major newspaper groups for six years, before working in charity communications and digital marketing while writing novels.

Jessica loves singing, running, eating out and spending time with friends. She is currently studying with the Open University.

Jessica’s debut novel This is a Love Story was published by Coronet, Hodder and Stoughton, in February 2012. Her second novel Three Little Words was published on August 15 2013. Jessica’s third book will be published during the summer of 2014, and her fourth in 2015.

Twitter: Jthompsonauthor

Instagram: jessicaannat



I cannot even begin to tell you how I love Jessica Thompson. Her books are so well-written and so meticulously made that you could not help but be inside the story itself. She has this way with words that is not pretentious, it was real and amazing. She is indeed a gem, a one heck of a story teller. Her stories, are not the typical ones, she has this power to combine reality and fiction that they are so beautifully crafted together you could not tell the difference. I first read her book back in February of 2013 – This is A Love Storythat book easily became a favorite of mine, and I couldn’t count the times I have reread it.

Realistic. Heart-wrenching. Tear-Inducing. Nothing short of perfect. I am not sugar coating. It was how I found this completely and utterly amazing masterpiece. I just might want to kiss Jessica Thompson right now.

This was an excerpt from my review of the book. After reading it, I made it my life mission to read everything written by her. So I slowly bought her other books. Three Little Words and Paper SwansI have read Three Little Words, and again I am floored how beautifully written it was, how the stories inside it are so interrelated, how it encompasses love, friendship, loss and hope. It was all I could ask for in a book and more. Here’s an excerpt of my review.

Three Little Words is a book that is so different and realistic. The lives of all the characters were intertwined by one incident, and I loved how the author was able to stretch out everything, how everything turned out to be connected in the end. It was carefully woven making everything coherent. I also loved the different point of views but set in third person narration, not all books could pull that off, but this book made it with so much ease. I also commend how this book is different from This Is A Love Story , you can see the variation of the books, that they didn’t run in the same storyline.

I had a good cry towards the end, I was too emotionally invested that it would be hard to find something quite like it. I loved how it tackled love, loss, friendship, grief and all other facets of human experience. It was a mix of everything amazing and then some.

I have yet to read Paper Swans and I am 100% sure I will love it too. Jessica Thompson has become my go to author and I am so happy I chanced upon her book. Now I cannot wait for her latest book that will be out by August 13, 2015 – The Wiating Game


And oh did I mention that each of her books has a beautiful cover!!

6a010536b33b69970b019affa84520970b  isbn9781444776546-detail 387296_253916408002602_1657530413_n


So what are you all waiting for, check her book out! I swear you will not regret it. If you are into romance, realistic stories and just pure awesome reading experience, her books are made just for you! Plus she is super friendly, I have talked to her on Instagram and she is so so nice!

And oh I wish her books will come in hard copies and I wish she’ll come to the Philippines, I will definitely be the first in line!

That’s all for now, watch out for the next feature! Have an amazing day you guys! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Jessica Thompson

  1. Hi Eunice!
    I love Jessica Thompson also. I finished her book yesterday, This Is A Love Story. I love it!
    Can’t wait to read her other books. 😀

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