Best book bargain (so far) 4 ASOIAF books for only 4$: Book Bargain #9


Hi guys! I have not posted lately, been busy with stuff and life in general. But I missed blogging about books and whatnot, so let me post the best book bargain I have ever experienced, well aside from the Scholastic Warehouse Sale last December in which I was able to buy Harry Potter books in hardcover for only P50 or a dollar each. I was not able to complete all the seven books because there were evil hoarders then who was selling the books on instagram for 5x the price. That’s another story so I wouldn’t dwell on that. Haha!

Last week I was browsing #booksph on Instagram, I opened a picture of the books in the A Song of Ice and Fire Series (or Game of Thrones as most people know)  with a caption “All books less than P100.” So curiosity got the best of me, went to the account and browsed through the posted books and it was true, each books costs P60 $1.15. I was so sure to get the three books Feast for Crows, Dance with Dragons and Storm of Swords because I already have Game of Thrones or the Book1. I am an avid fan of the TV series, I haven’t read the books (I’m being honest here) I just really loved the series and I knew at one point I need to read all the books to be called a true blooded fan, I was so sure to get the books in hardcover, but the price, boy it was too expensive and I don’t have the funds for it. So I settled to get the first book in this edition.


I got this book when I was in HongKong, I believe this edition is not available here in the Philippines plus it was really easier to read as opposed to the ones being sold here in the Philippines. I vowed to get them one at a time. But then this bargain happened. So even if I am not a fan of the format which was mass market paperback (I really find it hard to read on mmpbs because I have very poor eyesight), I gave in, it was so cheap and it is literally a crime if I would pass it up. So I messaged the seller, she was willing to give the 4 books for only 200 or 4$. I agreed, might as well get book 1, so I have another copy to abuse hehe. Then she uploaded more books for sale and I saw she was selling Catcher in The Rye too so I went ahead and added it on my order. And now here they are! Kristine of @strawberrysprinklesph was really nice and accommodating, this will definitely not be the last time I will be buying from her humble shop.

Book gods might be smiling at me 🙂 Here are the individual photos.

image (4)

image (7)

image (8)

image (9)

image (3)

And here is my humble collection of Game of Thrones Funko Pop. Next on my list will either be Drogon, Hodor, Ned, Robb or Grey Worm, well Jaime Lannister funko looks cool too. Whichever is available I guess. I have to complete the Harry Potter funkos first.

I love this bookhau and my funko pop collection! Newest in my collection is Ygritte. And I am seriously doing photoshoots of her and Jon Snow. 🙂

Thanks for reading and may you have a lovely day ahead! 🙂


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