August Poetry Bookhaul


I got 13 poetry books this month, Another America by Barbara Kingsolver not in the photo, totally forgot to include it. You can check my previous post on how much each of this was. I will be talking about the synopsis of these poetry books.

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Featured Shop: Wonderflies

I loved the minimalistic design and the coffee stain is so on point, I can't rave about it enough!

I loved the minimalistic design and the coffee stain is so on point, I can’t rave about it enough!

Christine of @wonderflieshere on instagram messaged me if I would be interested to receive this bookmark, since she noticed I was a super fan of Game of Thrones, I immediately said yes, well who in their right mind would say no to this, well not me of course.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.”

This is ¬†quote from A Dance with Dragons by George RR Martin. This spoke to me on so many levels haha (please don’t give me that weird look, I know many readers will get me.) Thank you so much Christine for sending this to me, I can see myself using this more than any of my bookmarks, which says a lot because I have I think a hundred bookmarks already. :p

Of course I had to do a mini photo shoot with my ASOIAF books plus Daenerys funk. Keep i'm so happy!

Of course I had to do a mini photo shoot with my ASOIAF books plus Daenerys funk. Keep i’m so happy!

If you want to have this bookmark, please please check her etsy shop Wonderflies. She is super talented and super nice and she ships world wide! So what are you waiting for? Place an order now!

She also customize pet portraits, perfect for cat or dog lovers. I am actually considering getting a puppy, maybe then I could have his/her pic customized into a bookmark too, can’t wait. Here are her amazing works:



Oh would you look at that cutie!

Oh would you look at that cutie!


Grumpy cat FTW! haha

Grumpy cat FTW! haha

Again it is also follow her on instagram username: @wonderflieshere.

July (Crazy Yet Again) Bookhaul


So I am back with another crazy book haul. I thought I didn’t buy that much as compared to last month, but when I counted them all, I was proven wrong *scratches head* I got erms..uhm.. *coughs* 23 books *scratches head even more*. It was crazy, I even made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t be buying much, but then I think I have established the fact that I have next to zero self-control. So yeah… on to my book haul. This seriously makes me cringe, I am being more of a hoarder than a reader, because the truth of the matter is, I have no time to read it because I am kind of in a middle of some life-altering situation again (haha I wouldn’t elaborate, but to those who know me, you know what I mean) I will have time to read all this by December, yup freaking December and my TBR is growing wild. I was only able to read poetry books, which would only take a few minutes of my time a day, that’s why I could easily fit them in my schedule. So sorry if I’m not posting reviews, but I will remedy that come December. I am being talkative again, ha! I should shut up.

Here are the books I got this July.

1. Harry Potter and The Chambers of Secrets by JK Rowling as I have mentioned on my instagram account, I am rebuying the HP series in its original version hard cover. All I need now is the first book, I am crossing all my fingers I could get it soon! I got this one from a seller at OLX for P300.

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling also from a seller from OLX, which was very nice to talk to, she was super sweet and accommodating. Got this one for P350 and mind you it is in a very good condition.

3-6. The Game of Thrones, A Feast For Crows, A¬†Dance with Dragons and A Storm of Swords¬†this was the best bargain I’ve had for the longest time! So happy! You can check my post about it here.

7. Cathcher in the Rye by JD Salinger also from the bargain. Got this for only P35 from @strawberrysprinklesph on Instagram. She was super nice!

8. A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks¬†here’s a confession I have not read any Nicholas Sparks book, A Walk To Remember I was only able to read up to half I think so that doesn’t really count, and because this is my favorite movie of all time, I knew I had to buy it and read it. Here’s another confession I think I have watched the movie for like at least 40 times. Yes. Landon Carter was my bae! haha got this from Chapters and Pages for only P80.

9. Poisoned Apples¬†I saw this book from Book Sale Robinsons Imus and was priced at P130, the book was beautiful physically it has red pages but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it for P130 because I saw more beautiful books I could spend my money on, plus the ratings weren’t really that great. But then I was at Book Sale Pedrogil and saw a copy of it once more for the price of P35, I bought it, haha! That’s what you call luck!

10. Owl and Other Fantasies by Mary Oliver this one is a poetry book, I was recommended by Anne of (@c0nstantreader on instagram) of this author, so when I saw one of her works I knew I had to buy it. It was only for P20 so who in their right mind would pass that one up? This is from Booksale PedroGil.

11. The Truro Bear and Other Adventures by Mary Oliver also a poetry book, eep I was so stoked when I found this one, I was about to leave the bookstore, but something inside tells me I should look some more, so I did, and I found this gem from the darkest corner of the bookstore, also only P20 from Booksale Pedro Gil.

12. Forbidden by Tabitha Suzama¬†this is a sad story, I actually won a giveaway last year, yup last year, and this was supposed to be my prize, but then the person didn’t send them to me, yup sad times. So when I saw this at Fully Booked Taft, I had to get it, I can’t wait any longer for something that won’t come haha.

13. How to Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran I was so stoked when I found this at Booksale Pedrogil. I have wanted to have a copy of this book, but it was too expensive and I am not one to spend full price for it, yup hahah despite the fact that I spend too much on books, there are books I shun away from buying ..just because. haha! This was only P125 or around 3$. This is a nonfiction book, and I really love books written by witty women.

14. Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple¬†this one I did not expect to see on a second hand bookstore, so when I found it there I didn’t even think twice haha! It was only for 145 or 3.50$. and it newish condition. And I have heard so many good things about it. Also from Booksale Pedrogil.

15. Dog Language by Chase Twichell this is also a poetry book only for P10! I hate the cover though, but it was a poetry book and I browsed few poems and I think I will enjoy this one.

16. The Captain Asks for A Show of Hands by Nick Flynn also a poetry book, the cover was gorgeous, for P85 from Booksale Pedrogil.

17. The Nightingales are Drunk by Hafez

18. Remember, Body… by CP Cavafy

19. Circles of Hell by Dante

20. The Wife of Bath by Geoffrey Chaucer

21. Well They Are Gone, and here I must Remain by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

22. On the Beach at Night Alone by Walt Whitman

23. Olalla by Robert Louise Stevenson

 all are Penguin Little Black Classics for P70 each at Fully Booked.

So phew, that it’s my July Bookhaul! What have you hauled this month?