Featured Shop: Cozy Daily


Cozy Daily is a lifestyle brand which caters wide array of merchandise, may it be bookish or about music, they have it from mugs, tote bags, shirts and yes even sweatshirts! They are known for minimalist yet elegant designs – just what you actually need in your wardrobe or for every day life – simplicity and elegance. Their sweatshirts, t-shirts and totebags are the best conversation starter, perfect for everyday! And yes, don’t get me started with Harry Potter merchandise, they are seriously to die for! I was so happy to get the Espresso Patronum mug, perfect for the rainy season, or when you just want to reread Harry Potter from book 1 to 7 and pull an all-nighter. I swear I fell in love the first time I saw it! I sure will be getting the sweatshirt soon!


Photo by COZY Daily


Photo by COZY Daily

They also cater band shirts! A fan of Beatle? Oasis perhaps? Here are the perfect shirts for you!


Photo by COZY Daily


Photo by Cozy Daily

See what I mean? Everything, literally everything is sooo beautiful and well-made, it is worth every penny, I could bet my life on that! haha! So why don’t you check out the shop click here. They ship worldwide! I don’t know what’s cooler than that! Also follow them on instagram @cozy.daily and Pia’s (the sweetest and lovely owner) bookstagram account @thebookishmisfit and her other shop @oldsoulstore! Come on! Get your hands on these uhhhh-mazing items! 🙂

Here are some photos I took with my Espresso Patronum Mug hihi.





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