Top Three Wednesday: Most Read Authors

Heyya! And I am back with another Top Three Wednesday! If you wish to do this with me check this link. Today we are doing the Top Three Most Read Authors.

Oh the authors we love so dearly, that we just couldn’t get enough of their works so we need to read every thing they have written, yes even their grocery list! 🙂

I noticed that I’m not the type of reader who binge read books by one author. I fear that if I do so I would end up not loving them just as much. I’ve always wanted variation. For an instance if I just finished a contemporary book, my next read would be a fantasy one. I never read one genre alone, say for the whole month. I don’t want monotony, i don’t want to end up having read too much fantasy to last me a lifetime. Like I’ve said I want variations. Also applies to authors, I seldom binge read, so when I do, it means I loved the author to a fault. But even if I love them too much, I pause and pick other books before I get on with the other books by said author. I hope I am making sense here. Haha.

So without further ado, here are my Most Read Authors.

I’m basing this one on my Goodreads account. 🙂

1. Laini Taylor


Laini Taylor

I first heard of Laini Taylor last 2012. I have always been intrigued by her book The Daughter of Smoke and Bone. When I read the synopsis of it on goodreads, I immediately added it to I want To Read category. Back then there were no physical copies of her book in our local bookstore, so I didn’t had the chance to read it not until 2013. When I found a copy of Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Days of Blood and Starlight. I bought them immediately. And boy  I was taken aback. The writing style was really good. I remembered putting on my review  that it was BACON, that good! So from then on my love for this author flourished. The Daughter of Smoke and Bone is my favorite trilogy to date, maybe of all time. So yeah, that says a lot about this author. I have also read Lips Touch Three Times which was also so good. She has this way with words and world building that you just could not get enough of. She writes so vividly that you could actually feel you are part of the world.

I wish she would write a new series, it’s been a long time since her last book Dreams of Gods and Monsters has been published. I am in need of my Laini Taylor fix. And oh I am praying to everything that is holy that she  visits the Philippines!! I’m dying to meet her!!

2. Tarryn Fisher


Tarryn Fisher, my spirit animal. Haha. I have only read three of her books, and each of them holds a special place in my heart, especially the book The Opportunist, that book spoke to me in more ways that one. I’m not saying that what has transpired in my own life is the very same thing written in the book but events there are too familiar that I could see myself in it. She writes characters that you’ll love to hate and hate to love. Her characters’ complexity makes all her books very engaging and total page turner. She doesn’t write mediocre stories, you will find yourself at the edge of your seat all the freaking time. She writes so beautifully, it would tear your heart out.

I was so happy to have met her! She was such an amazing person and very beautiful too! Now Tarryn, please visit the Philippines again!!

3. Rainbow Rowell


To date she has published five books Attachments, Eleanor and Park, Fangirl, Landline and Carry On. I have only read the first three books. My favorite amongst the ones I’ve read is Eleanor and Park. That book holds a special place in  my heart, I read it during the darkest days of my life and I’m so glad it kept me company through the ordeal. It is true what they say you are never alone when you have a good book.

Rainbow Rowell’s books give you that warm and fuzzy feeling. Like warm blanket on a cold rainy afternoon, like a cup of tea to soothe you after a tiring day. She’s one of the contemporary authors I highly recommend. You can never go wrong with a Rainbow Rowell book. And what I love about her books are they are different. Distinct from one another that you will never get tired, as they don’t run the same story or same plot. Each book has something different to offer. And most of all it can be enjoyed by teens and adults alike.

Please visit the Philippines too, your Pinoy fans are dying to meet you!


So there you have it, my Top Three Most Read Authors!! So who made it to you list?


Have a nice day ahead!


Next week we will be talking about Top Three Christmas Themed Books. 🙂



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