Top Three Wednesday + Updates


I am so sorry I was not able to post my Top Three Wednesday yesterday, as I was super busy catching up with friends and doing mundane things. Ha! Our supposed to be Top Three Wednesday is: Books That Changed Your Life in lieu of the coming new year.

I decided to carry it over to January 2016, why the hell not, it is still a fitting topic, for a brand new year! hehe, stop, I may or may not be making excuses, but let this pass, okay? haha.

So for January I took the liberty again of choosing the Top Three topics, again, you could comment down below the topics you want and we can do it on February and the succeeding months. 🙂

January 6: Top Three Books That Changed Your Life

January 13: Top Three Favorite Female Characters

January 20: Top Three Favorite Male Character

January 27: Top Three Nonfiction Books

So that should cover us for the whole month of January. Comment down below the Top Threes you want to feature on your respective blogs!

Happy New Year and enjoy the rest of the Holiday break! Cheers to you guys!



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