Top Three Wednesday: Favorite Female Characters


It is yet another Top Three Wednesday! If you like to see the themes for January until March you can check it here. I update it from time to time. If you have any topics/themes in mind feel free to suggest the same and I will include it for the succeeding months. Please tag me whenever you post Top Three Wednesday, I would like to see your posts! 🙂

This Wednesday is all about our favorite female characters! The one you root for, that one badass female character, or that one you can most relate to, whatever may be the reason, by all means put it! I would like to know! Since I started doing this Top Three Wednesday, I think this week’s theme has got to be the hardest. I just love so many female characters that it is really hard to just pick three. But I am going to try really hard.

Without further ado, here are my top three female characters.


credit to the rightful owner of the Photo

1. Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor.

 Karou was one of the characters I fell in love with in an instant, aside from being a badass, sassy and just all in all awesome, I loved how character has its soft side. How she doesn’t lose focus of what is important, and how she approach things head on but with caution. I also loved the fact that she was not the typical whiny female protagonist we see in most YA fantasies today. She was definitely mature and can handle things with grace. Karou’s character evolved so much throughout the whole series, Laini Taylor painted her in the best light. I was rooting for her the entirety of the trilogy. I could not love her enough! It is as if you wanted to be just like her. She’s one of the characters that have made an impact on me.



credits to the rightful owner of the photo.

2. Penryn from End of Days Series by Susan Ee. 

Now Penryn, this kick-ass heroine is quite a character.She’s like the human version of Karou, what with all that skills and intelligence, she sure found a place in my heart and made a freaking tent inside it, intending to stay there for a long time. I loved her character so much so that I would name my daughter after her. That’s how I was attached to Penryn. That’s how much I enjoy reading her. Susan Ee did not made her into an immature being, into an annoying character that is too painful to read, no, Susan Ee made her into an independent and responsible girl with so much determination in her. I think we all have a Penryn inside of us.



3. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter series.

 A no-brainer eh? Well, when talking about favorite female character, Hermione will always be on everyone else’s list. I mean, why the hell not. I grew up reading her, I grew up wanting to be her. And despite her being a Muggle, she worked her way to earn her rightful spot. I wouldn’t dwell much how she played an important role in the whole series, because you all already know that for sure. And yes, we cannot discount the fact that she loves book to a fault, just like all of us.


So there you have it, my Top Three Favorite  Female Characters, so who made it to your list? Our theme next week is Top Three Favorite Male Characters. Hope you could join me!



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