Top Three Wednesday: Favorite Male Characters


Hello! Wednesday is here again, time for our Top Three! You can check here for the list of the themes.  This week’s theme is our Top Three Male Characters. I know guys you have a lot of Book Boyfriends, but sadly you only have to choose the top three. This is also hard for me, because come on, how can you just choose three? But I guess there will always be those characters that made you feel wanted and unwanted emotions alike. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the male characters are “book boyfriends” because, let’s be honest this could be a little too shallow haha but we live for this characters, it makes the reading more exciting, especially on my part since I am a sucker for good romance. But if you feel like putting a male protagonist who is say for example a father who really took good care of his kid in the novel, then please do so. The concept of Favorite Male Characters is not just boxed into the book boyfriend category, whichever reasons you have please feel free to write it. I definitely would like to know! So let’s start, shall we?

1. Akiva of Daughter and Smoke and Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor

I never fell in love with a character the way I fell in love with Akiva. My love for this character is beyond comprehension. I’ve been raving about him on and on, always trying to insert his greatness to every conversation surrounding about the trilogy. He was smoking hot and I mean than in the figurative and literal sense. His wings has this fiery glow and his body literally feels hot. (Oh like Jacob in the Twilight Saga, no, please, for the love of god no, don’t compare Jacob to my Akiva, just don’t). Akiva is a seraph who belongs to the Misbegotten, an army of angels. So you could very well imagine his built and his strength not to mention he can do magic and stuff.

His character will hypnotize you and captivate you and you will not give any kind of resistance, because you will let it. I was so attached to this character, even I am starting to be alarmed by it. Now I am in the mood for a reread. I need my Akiva fix.

His relationship with Karou is just so pure and true. You cannot miss the way his character entwine with that of Karou, how they are just perfect together and how they are able to take on whatever hindrance to their love affair. It was more like the Romeo and Juliet kind, which I am totally a sucker for, who could blame me?

2. Jon Snow of A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George RR Martin

Nedd Stark’s bastard. It’s true that I only have read the first half of The Game of Thrones, but I am no stranger to Jon Snow’s character, as I have watched the whole Game of Thrones series, there are bits that are not shown in the TV show, but mostly it stayed true to what was written in the book. I could claim him to be a favorite male character, because why the hell not? Who could stop me? Haha. Jon Snow’s character started off as someone who is too confident bordering arrogance (that is in the book 1 at least) but later on he came around and showed redeemable qualities, leading the night’s watch at a young age, setting to be a good example, a loving brother, and over all a good person. I could not also discount the fact of how badass his character is, his ability in battles. His seriousness when the need for it arises, and his humor and how he loosens up from time to time. I loved that his character evolved in such a noble and commendable manner. I could not wait what will happen to him in the next season and the next book. He is the guy I always root for, so I hope there will be great things for him for the next season. Cant.WAIT.


3. Raffe of Penryn and the End of Days Series by Susan Ee

My love for Raffe can be traced back to my love fro Akiva. After I have read the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, I instantly craved for fallen angels or just angels in general. There is so much about fallen angels that appeal to me so much. I was in the look out for more books with the same story line such as The Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. So I chanced upon Angelfall by Susan Ee and I loved it, I was over the moon in love with the series. It has a different take on the story of angels falling in love with humans, but is equally amazing as The Daughter and Smoke and Bone trilogy. And Raffe, oh my god lord, he is the epitome of the word perfect. Susan Ee painted his character in the best light, it was just purely exceptional, and the big shocker on book 2 World After, I could remember how floored I was. One of the best character build up I have read in years!


So there you have it, I hope this will be enough reason for you to read the series if you haven’t already. I bet my life on it you will not regret it!

Join me next week! Our theme will be Top Three Non-Fiction Books! I am excited to show you what is on my list!




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