Top Three Wednesday: Villains



Oh the characters we love to hate, but a good book is nothing without these villains. Those characters we like to strangle, those characters giving our favorites portagonists a damn hard time, those characters we want to see suffer in the end. These villains stir up a lot of hatred within our hearts, and more often than not we get carried away. I’m telling you, you are not alone. I feel it too, more often than humanly possible. I have to remind myself from time to time that these villains are only fictional, but sometimes you just couldn’t help but rant about them over and over until you are sure you have cursed them enough. haha so without further ado, here are my top villains.


1. Cersei Lannister from A Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin

I am almost finished with Game of Thrones (oh those 835 pages of pure reading experience) I have 150 pages left and I am eager to finish it in the next days. You know it needs undivided attention, just like every high fantasy there is. (Don’t you worry I have watched every episode, so I know what Cersei Lannister is capable of doing) So yes Cersei, that cunning vixen, she’s so clever, even Eddard didn’t see what will befall him. Cersei Lannister’s character is not the average villain, she knows what she wants and have different, subtle means of getting it. Yes it may be subtle, even sugar coated to look as if what she was doing was innocent, but boy when everything unfolds you will not believe how she did it. Cunning indeed. One just cannot escape the wrath of a Lannister. I loved how George RR Martin make such diverse characters! I never thought I would love the series even more. Gahhhh can’t wait to read all the books and curse Cersei over and over.


2. Leah Smith from Dirty Red of Love Me With Lies trilogy by Tarryn Fisher

Tarryn Fisher is known to make great villains and Leah Smith took the cake for me. She was vicious, she liked to do things her way no matter the cost and there’s just no stopping her. The first few chapters of Dirty Red had me so frustrated with her character, I hated her with so much passion. She was selfish and with next to nothing moral fibre in her being, especially what she did with the baby. My goodness this woman made me roll my eyes because of too much frustration, I swear if I could climb inside the book I would be strangling her with her red hair. Especially so because she was the one getting in the way between Olivia and Caleb. But as the story progresses, I understood her story, but that didn’t make me like her, I just understood where she was coming from, the hate for her character was still ever present. You see Tarryn Fisher was an effective writer, she made me feel so much hatred towards a fictional character that I didn’t even believe possible until then. I may have forgotten a lot from the story since I’ve read it like three years ago, but the feeling of hate will never be forgotten. Haha, that’s how great Tarryn Fisher made her. Leah Smith’s character will stay with you forever.


3. Amy Elliot of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Another strong character. Amy made me question a lot of things! Can she be considered a villain? Well, for me she is. Gone Girl was one of my favorite books of all time, I mean how can you not love such a twisted story. I was in awe of that twist, I didn’t see it coming. Gillian Flynn will always hold a good spot in my heart. So Amy Elliott, she seemed to be an ordinary girl right? I was actually rooting for her the first half of the book, how she became so lonely, how she missed her old life, how she gave up a lot of things for Nick, how she feel caged in that big house they call home, or how she longed for those days when she and Nick were happy. I mean, this is a story of a woman who had to give up a lot of herself for the man she married, my sympathy was with her. But then, Gillian Flynn turned everything into 360 degrees. Turned out Amy was a pathological liar, a selfish woman and a complete psycho. The way she planned everything down to the nitty gritty details, ahhh it was just mind blowing. The ending did not sit well with me, I mean Amy deserved to rot in jail hahah that’s how mad I was towards her character, but then maybe that ending was what the book needed, that Amy could never get what she wanted out of Nick and she will be living her miserable life for the rest of her days.


So there you have it my top three villains. Who made it to your list? Next week will be our Top Three YA Novels, oh wow, this will be hard for sure! You can check the list of themes here.  Bye! And see you next post!






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