Losing Plot in LA by Sonia Farnsworth: Book Review


Synopsis: Sylvie is a trendy, LA party girl with more going on than she knows what to do with. Between apartment hunting, insane friends, a rapidly growing puppy, and one too many boys to juggle, she’s just trying to catch her breath. Will the craziness overwhelm her, or will she find a better path to move forward? Draw a bath, pour some bubbly, and join her as she tries not to Lose the Plot.

Date Published: June 20, 2015

Publisher: Mascot Books

No. of Pages: 192

Date Read: February 2016

Source: Copy provided by the author



Light and funny read, but definitely with a heart.

Sylvie’s love life was one hell of a roller coaster ride, happens to the best of us right? What was engaging about this book was there was this sense of lightness and fun in it, it was easy to fly through it. I bet one can finish this in one sitting. What I adored about this book is that Sylvie, our main protagonist, never gives up on finding love. She had a lot of set backs, what with the strings of men who was never the right fit, men who never quite love her the way she wanted to be loved, until she met someone who was just the perfect match. Losing the Plot in LA is something you would want to read on the beach or during a quick weekend getaway. You’ll laugh with Sylvie and all the shenanigans, and possibly be able to relate to her predicaments in life and love more than you thought possible.

This book made me want to live in LA! Hahah it just felt like so much fun and carefree. Sylvie’s life may have went off track but she was able to bounce back. Losing the Plot in LA was a good take on a life of a twenty something finding what’s best for her, may it be an apartment, a boyfriend or the perfect job. There was this sense of satisfaction when the novel ended, that despite the shitty hands you were dealt with, things will come around and will always end up the way you had planned.

I think we are in need of a lot of this kind of novels, the reassuring ones, books that will make you feel good about life. I had a few issues though, there were a few unnecessary parts that the book can honestly do away. Also there were too many characters that I found it a little confusing who was who. There was also a point that the book becomes a little repetitive. But all things considered, I still enjoyed this one. The perfect book to snap you out of a depressing state.

Massive thank you to Sonia for sending me her book! More power to you!

Rating: FiveStarsInline3.svg

Nothing was more nauseating than people who constantly complained about their life, but did nothing about it.

– Sonia Farnsworth; Losing The Plot in LA



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