Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk: Book Review


Synopsis: Every weekend, in basements and parking lots across the country, young men with good white-collar jobs and absent fathers take off their shoes and shirts and fight each other barehanded for as long as they have to. Then they go back to those jobs with blackened eyes and loosened teeth and the sense that they can handle anything. Fight Club is the invention of Tyler Durden, projectionist, waiter and dark, anarchic genius. And it’s only the beginning of his plans for revenge on a world where cancer support groups have the corner on human warmth.

Date Published: October 2, 1997

Publisher: Vintage Books

No. Of Pages: 214

Date Read: February 2016



Possibly one of the best books I have read in my 27 years living in this world. It was ridiculously so good, Chuck Palahniuk was a genius.

I am Joe’s overly excited self.

I am Joe’s eyes opened with such amazement.

I am Joe’s cart-wheeling endorphins.

I could not even begin to tell you how great this book is. I mean, if anyone asks about what will be that one book that I could recommend over and over, I wouldn’t say a thing but just proceed to shoving this book to that person’s face until it becomes a part of him. (because you know I abide by the rules of Fight Club. 1st rule is you do no talk about Fight Club). This is without a doubt included in my Top Favorite Books of All Time. It was a timeless piece, all encompassing, relevant and harrowing but in a masochistic kind of way because you would end up begging for more, even if it screws you up time and time again. You’re just like that proverbial moth attracted to the flame. There’s no way out of it, it will inhabit your soul and meld all these larger than life concepts you got from the book and live by it day in and day out. One does not simply finish this book without a part of them left unscathed. It was more like that sensation of getting a tattoo, that bzzzt bzzzt and the pain blending into this inexplicable euphoria, only you are aware about at that precise moment. Just like standing on a precipice, torn between backing out and taking that leap, but once you’ve made the step forward it is kind of liberating and scary all at the same time. Man, I could go on with a lot of metaphors and comparisons, but this book just brings out that side of me so naturally.

Chuck Palahniuk is a genius, hands down! I could worship the guy. He writes twisted and unconventional stories and make them believable and beautiful. What I loved about his writing style was it was so distinct. Clearly a cut above the rest! His characters are not the usual ones, he always thinks outside the box, always goes against the norm, always a step ahead. I have read Invisible Monster Remix and the non-remix version two years ago and right then and there I fell in love. Now I cannot forgive myself why I stalled for so long to start reading Fight Club. It felt like I missed out on a lot of things. What have I been doing all my life. That’s how great of an author Chuck Palahniuk is. He will make you question things and instill distorted beliefs that at the end of the day, you, without resistance whatsoever so willingly live by.

This book was just so clever and cunning at the same time, my goodness that twist. I haven’t watched the movie, so I don’t really know what I am in for. Best decision of my life to read it first before seeing the movie. Because that TWIST. THAT FREAKING TWIST! I flipped out, I didn’t know it could get even better than what I was getting. The element of surprise truly won me over. I didn’t see that one coming to be completely honest. And there’s complete bliss in not knowing. This book was so beautifully crafted and well written, it is definitely not one to miss. I reckon every reader should at least read a Chuck Palahniuk book. Include it on your Books To Read Before I Die List, you can thank me after.

I loved how the book didn’t do any sugarcoating. Everything was presented as it is. Take it or leave it kind of way. I loved how the book revolved around human frailty and the convoluted web of man’s wants and needs and what they believe in between what they actually are. The concept of Fight Club gave voice to the undervalued, to the ordinary ones, to the people who settled into something less than their true capacity. They were liberated into something they could claim as their own and take pride from it. I loved how it can be connected to society’s everyday struggle, seeing how the other half lives, how everything isn’t exactly painted in black and white. Chuck Palahniuk wrote a world where once in our mundane way of living crossed our minds. This book was the fruition of every wicked and disturbing concept we once thought of. Chuck Palahniuk, spoke for us, and I couldn’t be any happier that he did.

Rating: images.png 

“You are not special. You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else. We’re all part of the same compost heap. We’re all singing, all dancing crap of the world.” 
― Chuck PalahniukFight Club


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