frankly TWISTED: The Lost Files by Kevin Eleven: Book Review

Synopsis: BOOK TWO of THREE

Many often think that they know the character as well as motives behind Brooklyn’s own 23rd precinct. Well, the fact of the matter is that they don’t as detectives find that scratching your head are the keys to figuring out exactly where it could have all went wrong. Moreover, this just so happens to be the dilemma of Parkside avenue’s finest as they now find themselves entangled within a twisted end at every single corner. However, what they haven’t realized is that someone amongst their own ranks has been leading them astray and is the cause of them backtracking as a result…

Date Published: July 21, 2015

Publisher: Flowered Concrete

No. Of Pages: 176 Pages

Date Read: March 2016

Source: Provided by an author for an honest review.


The publisher contacted me asking if I could review their new book on  crime/detective fiction in exchange for an honest review. I ultimately agreed for multitudes of reason, one being I am huge fan of crime/detective TV series like Criminals Minds, Scandal or CSI. Those kind of stuff always amaze me. So it is a no brainer to read something like it. Second reason was I wanted to widen my reading experience and be as diverse as possible. This is actually my first read under this genre and I enjoyed it. It wasn’t as complicated or as convoluted as I expected a book such as this to be. It was a perfect book for beginners such as myself. To be upfront this isn’t a book that I would have picked up on my own, it was definitely something out of the usual ones I read, but because the whole premise piqued my interest I gave it a try. I was not disappointed.

The book was about the interrelated webs that happened inside BKPD 23rd precinct. And to warn you, not everything is what they seem. From start to finish the book gripped me, I finished it in a day, it was a quick yet entertaining read. What I liked about this book was its element of surprise. That twist was well-played. Very fitting to its title, if you ask me. The characters are distinct from each other. They have their distinct voices and characteristics that some you will learn to love and some you will learn to hate. And I could not discount the fact that the book isn’t solely the play of testosterones, I loved Deb Lane’s character being thrown in the mix, a very valiant female protagonist. Her character and how badass she can be surely appealed to me. Books definitely needs more of this.

The issues I have with the book though, were, firstly, it could have been polished more. The backstory needs elaboration. Sometimes I got lost on who was being referred to. Another thing is, there are few unnecessary parts that the book can definitely do away. Lastly, I wish there was more to it. It felt a little short from what I had anticipated. I had wanted to see everything unravel in a grand way, more like ending the book with a blast. I guess I have to continue on with the next book to get the ending I really wanted. But all in all I enjoyed this book, and would recommend it to people who is fairly new to detective fiction.

Rating: FiveStarsInline3.svg



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