Chronicle of A Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Book Review




When newlywed Angela Vicario and Bayardo San Román are left to their wedding night, Bayardo discovers that his new wife is no virgin. Disgusted, he returns Angela to her family home that very night, where her humiliated mother beats her savagely and her two brothers demand to know her violator, whom she names as Santiago Nasar.

As he wakes to thoughts of the previous night’s revelry, Santiago is unaware of the slurs that have been cast against him. But with Angela’s brothers set on avenging their family honour, soon the whole town knows who they plan to kill, where, when and why.

Publisher: Penguin Books

Date Published: February 29, 2008

Date Read: March 2016

No. of Pages: 122 pages

Source: BookSale


Haunting and Strange.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a proof that one need not write a long book to tell a great story. This book may be 122 pages long, but it was condensed and all aspects of a great book wasn’t compromised. This is my second Gabo book, first being Memories of my Melancholy Whores about an unconventional love story of a 90 year old and a young woman, if I remember it correctly a 14 year old girl. It was so intriguing, I read it in one sitting. I knew then, I need to read more of Gabo’s works. So when the opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it and started with Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Resh (@thebooksatchel on instagram) posted about #MarchofMarquez wherein people are going to read Gabo’s works the whole month of March to honor his birthday. I decided to join in, best decision I have made. As I was in this murder/historical drama vibe because of Burial Rites, I opted to read this book, and did it quench my thirst? Yes it did!

I loved how the book depicted the beliefs and culture they had back then. How important honor was, far more important than anything. The plot gripped me in this inexplicable way that I could not help but finish this book in a day. Gabo’s writing style is always a cut above the rest, he has this distinct way of saying things as it is, plain and simple without sugarcoating and using flowery words. Just straight to the point. Based from the two books I have read, he has this unique plots making every story original and his very own. Only Gabriel Garcia Marquez can do that.

The characters were all well written as well. They are very distinct from the other,making the book all the more interesting. The book was told through recollections and testimonies of those who witnessed Santiago Nasar’s death. Some corroborated that of another, some will really test your skill on deciphering who was telling the truth or who was telling a complete lie – making the reader more eager to know what truly transpired that unfortunate day. It left me with this gnawing feeling, yet I was satisfied with the whole read. It is the kind of book that even when you already knew what happened, you will still be rooted to your spot and will hold the book dearly in your hand, seeking for those bazillion questions you have inside your head. The tension that builds up was ever present and wasn’t compromised at all. This book is just pure genius. I highly recommend it for Gabo first timers.


“…I caught the smell of a warm woman and I saw the eyes of an insomniac leopard in the darkness…”
― Gabriel Garcí­a MárquezChronicle of a Death Foretold



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