D|SLOYALTY by AA Patawaran (Poem#9)


by AA Patawatan

Am I so negative if I complain
That I have no footpaths in for long walks
I need some air to a avoid wear and tear
Throw in some lush trees and a little shade
(An oasis in the dense city desert)

Do blame me for crying no comfort here
No water from the tap that’s safe to drink
But a little rain and there’s so much flooding
A deep, deep ocean of sorrow and tears
(My life is a deluge of suffering)

How dare you ask as I look at the bright side
There;s no power when I switch on the light
Though I pay so much for my monthly bills
I grope in the dark for some assurance
(So blind to my rights, so blind to what’s mine)

Why have I no bridge to cross at leisure
Like the ones over the Thames or Danube
What have you done to my Pasig River
How much of our history is drowned there
(Stuck in the muck and dead as the water)

And what about Jose Rizal our her
Is he like Kafka is to Budapest
Or the William Shakespeare is to London
Is he more than a subject in college
(And will he die or kill for you today)
Why can’t I have a beautiful avenue
Must I be deprived of my Orchard Road
NO Champs- Elysees to promenade on
For Ayala is no more than concrete
(And just a big parking lot EDSA is)

They’re old but our trains don’t go very far
No tram like Prague’s while our streets are choking
Queue up for a ride at your own risk
Or else prepare to wait for kingdom come
(Our public transport’s the Apocalypse)

But why must it be so hard to love you
You are home yet I hardly feel at home
Everything’s an assault to the senses
Where nothing is sure and nothing is free
(But the law’s unreliability)

Why must you always test my loyalty
Isn’t that proof of your disloyalty
I pay my taxes, I over the law
What more, how much more do you ask of me
(Is it your to expatriate me)


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