Romance of The Unfamiliar by Brian Russell (Poem#11)

Romance of The Unfamiliar

by Brian Russell

mercifully our life together
hides what we can’t bear
to see our everyday depreciations

until a friend after seeing you says
Jesus man she’s wasting away
I don’t know what to
call it a relief to hear
the clear voice of empirical truth

in my eyes you’re eternally
the girl in the photo on the mantel
from the trip to Morocco it never occurred
to me we no longer
resemble these people it was our last day
we hadn’t taken a single picture
in a week we were too consumed
by whatever was inside us

ripening and the intrinsic manner
of the unfamiliar our plane was leaving
in an hour we sprinted through the
crowded streets to the mosque I can’t
remember its name but seen through its
glass floor the breathless blue Atlantic’s sun
stippled waves stunned us into
silence taken at arm’s length
you can’t see any of it in the picture nothing
other than our bright red faces


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