Mug and Tea Cup Collection


Heyya! So I have been a little missing in action here. Life happened to me and I was too caught up with too much decision making my barely adult self could hardly keep up. So there’s that.

But I’m back, hopefully with a lot of blog posts. I need to make a review for two books, and do some tags. So I’m taking it one post at a time. Bear with me. (This is me stalling, haha)

I have wasted a good amount of time on youtube watching people’s mug collection and I was so addicted I had to make one, at least in blog form. Aside from books, well duh haha, I collect mugs and teacups. It was only recently where I decided to collect mugs or tea cups from countries/places I’ve been to. So here are some of them.


Got this big ass cup from a thrift shop (wag-wagan or ukay ukay in Baguio.) One for me and for my best friend. We were on the hunt for vintage stuff and we stumbled upon these big cups with the word CAPPUCCINO written on it. It was super cheap! We got them for Php50.00 each or 1$. We immediately used it the next day, don’t worry, of course we washed them. Haha. I got a lot of questions from my instagram friends where I got them, so here! 🙂



So while my sisters are being the “basic” tourists buying mugs from Starbucks (I’m pretty sure you are all aware of it), I had my eyes on this huge mug. I got them from Macau when we went there last year. I love the details of it, a painting of some sort of the The Venetian. I got it for 60 HKD.




This is actually a gift from my dear friend Jovel of travelthrubooks on Instagram, please give her a follow. The mug says If you think reading is boring, you’re doing it wrong. Pretty much sums up what I say to non-reader friends. Haha


This was sent to me by Pia of Cozy Daily  (they also have a Society6 account) and I super love it. Been abusing this one, how can you not, it is so cute!! Bring out your inner Harry Potter fangirl with this rad mug!


Another mug I love so dearly. This was sent to me by Nikki of Alice.In.Wonderbookland on Instagram. You can order here. This mug was the pure definition of myself on any given day. Haha



This one right here is another gift from Arra or arrabelreads on Instagram, give her a follow. This was the mug that I always use, basically my favorite. So whenever one of my siblings uses this, I go batshit crazy, especially when I am about to make a hot coco and this favorite mug is being used by one of them. How could they! Haha



So this cutie is a gift from my sister. I love it so much that I barely use it, afraid that I might accidentally break it, you have no idea how clumsy I could be. So I just take it out for special occasions, or for whenever I am feeling fancy. Haha. How could you not adore such beauty.


There you have it my mini mug and tea cup collection. Expect a lot of this in the near future, as I already made a vow to buy one from places I’ve been to. And no don’t expect those overrated Starbucks mugs in here, nope, that’s not happening. Haha!

Have a great day guys! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Mug and Tea Cup Collection

  1. Oh my gosh! I love them all! I adore mugs and teacups, and collect them myself 🙂 I haven’t been a lot of places yet, but I definitely want to collect them from my travels as well! Thanks for sharing! I might have to post something like this myself 😉

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