Kyland by Mia Sheridan: Book Review

Synopsis: A full-length, standalone romance from the New York Timesbestselling author of Archer’s Voice.

Dirt poor. Hillbilly. Backwoods hick. Mountain folk. 

Tenleigh Falyn struggles each day to survive in a small, poverty-stricken, coal mining town where she lives with her sister and mentally ill mother. Her dream of winning the college scholarship given to one student by the local coal company and escaping the harshness of her life, keeps her going.

Kyland Barrett lives in the hills, too, and has worked tirelessly—through near starvation, through deep loneliness, against all odds—to win the Tyton Coal Scholarship and leave the town that is full of so much pain.

They’re both determined not to form any attachments, but one moment changes everything. What happens when only one person gets to win? When only one person gets to leave? And what happens to the one left behind?

Kyland is a story of desperation and hope, loss and sacrifice, pain and forgiveness, but ultimately, a story of deep and unending love.

THIS IS A STANDALONE SIGN OF LOVE NOVEL, INSPIRED BY TAURUS. New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Publisher: Self-published

Date Published: January 24, 2015

Date Read: May 26, 2016

No. Of Pages: 264 Pages



Strong and very emotional read, it will rip your heart out and make it whole again.

I cried buckets over this book. You could literally make a tea out of my tears. A woman crying her eyes out at 2 in the morning is not a good sight to behold, my mother was bothered and asked me what was wrong, and I could not even say a coherent answer. I just said, “this book, this book, I can’t” and then cried some more. Goodness, it has been a long time since I’ve cried like this over a book. There are books that made me tear up, yes, but this book, guys, this book took bawling into whole different level. I was unstable to say the least.

 So okay enough of my thorough explanation how this book ruined me. Let’s talk about how well-written this book is. This is my very first Mia Sheridan read. I have heard a lot about this author, all positive things, especially how great  of a book Archer’s Voice is (which I plan on reading after my heart is fully recovered from all the breaking Kyland gave me), so as what all readers do, when you hear great things about an author you go ahead and read their works. And man, this author lived up to the hype. She writes oh so beautifully, so beautiful you can feel all the pain and suffering the characters go through. It’s like you are in unity with their hearts, you break for them, you cry for them, you feel happy for them, you feel proud for them. It was more like an emotional adventure that I would not trade for anything. Every bit of it was just so sincere and riveting. I did not miss the way the story has its depth, it wasn’t just a simple romance novel, not just an ordinary tale of two people falling in love. No, there is so much more to it, there was sacrifice, family drama, problem with social standing, it was everything and beyond. And I secretly wanted a love like theirs!

Kyland and Tenleigh’s love story may have developed a little faster for my own liking, but then this was a 264 page story so I understand how it was supposed to be a fast paced one, but then the whole story though short was not compromised at all. It was still complete, still will tug on your heartstrings, still something you may not forget for quite a while. Their story is a unique one, I have not read a lot of story quite like it. What a great storytelling, it’s like I was transported to Denville Kentucky as I read the book. And I really enjoyed the setting, I loved how it was described and I loved how my imagination worked all throughout. This was a book that was easy to follow, easy to be drawn into. Yes, it has somewhat a complicated storyline but everything melded into something so amazing, every bit of the story is vital – every bit of it is connected. I think I have highlighted majority of the book. It was just so good, I could not help it. I specifically enjoyed the part where Kyland and Tenleigh had this mini book club between themselves. Made me want to read the ones I have not read, and yes even reread the ones I already have.

The twist or dare I say twists, because I could not decide which one was it really haha, was presented beautifully, there was the perfect element of surprise and certainly an element of oh-no-you-did-not moments which made me want to finish it up until wee hours of the night. It was really hard to put down, the whole story will grip you in ways you do not realize possible. It will make your heart ache, your body combust into inexplicable pain, your tear ducts work double – but then it’s the kind of beautiful pain you would want to endure because it is rewarding until the end.

The characters were all interesting, you feel them under your very skin. All their hardship, sacrifices, hurt – it was all there as if you can taste it. Kyland was the epitome of a great man, I want to say more but I would’t want to spoil anyone. Tenleigh was just as engaging, her character was selfless and she is not the usual annoying and whiny girl we often read in NA. Their characters have sense, I highly commend how the author made these characters to be so mature and responsible. The side stories were awesome as well, the story of Tenleigh’s mother and her sister, about Kyland’s family, Buster’s, gahhh everyone else is just as interesting as our two main characters.

I just love this book so much, I may not have experienced everything the characters’ went through, but there are parts in this book that spoke to me in a highly different level that I could not easily dismiss. I highly highly recommend this book!

Rating: images

“I think that when enough time has passed, when you’ve survived that which you didn’t imagine you could, there’s a dignity in that. Something you can own. A pride in knowing the pain made you stronger. The pain made you fight to succeed. Someday, when I’m living my dreams, I’m going to think of all the things that broke my heart and I’m going to be thankful for them. – TF” 
― Mia SheridanKyland


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