Hawthorne and Heathcliff by RK Ryals: Book Review



Two names that didn’t belong to us. Two shoes that did.

Intense and introspective, seventeen-year-old Hawthorne Macy knows all about being abandoned. She’s felt the stark pain of being left behind by the people who are supposed to love her the most; her parents. Raised by her caring uncle on an old plantation, Hawthorne lives her life on the fringes of her small Southern town.

Until she meets his shoe.

Senior year, last period English class, and a pair of silent tennis shoes resting next to hers in the back of the room throws Hawthorne into a world she’d learned to stay outside of.

His name is Max Vincent, but in her mind, he’s Heathcliff. The handsome eighteen-year-old boy behind the shoes will pull Hawthorne into a passionate and unforgettable adventure of self-discovery during a time when love seems impossible.

Shoes can tell a lot about a person. The journey they take you on can tell a lot about how they’ll hold up.

Publisher: Self-published

Date Published: August 2015

Date Read: 

Number of Pages: 212



In a nutshell it is a story about shoes with lots of metaphors thrown in the mix. Yes really. I am kind of in between loving it and disliking it. I started reading it first week of June and finished it last week of July, two days shy August. It took me that long to read a short book. I have to admit the first half was really good, it got me interested enough to read the whole half of it in one sitting, which, again rarely happens these days. It has the perfect amount of cheesiness and sadness that got me hooked until it lost me. I can still remember I was tweeting incessantly about it, how good it might turn out, but boy I spoke too soon. My interest waned past the half way mark. I don’t know if it is just me starting a new job, and being caught up with a lot of adult stuff that affected how I perceived the book or maybe it was just a case of bad timing. I’ve finished three books in between the time I was reading this. I keep on picking it up and putting it back down, which is really frustrating to be completely honest.

It had the perfect premise to lure anyone, had the right amount of drama and right amount of love story, I just couldn’t get over the fact that it turned out to be too much of a book about life and love quotes. If you’re into that, well this one is brimming with it. I love me some good quotes, I love how there are bits and pieces of the book that you could take with you, but this book has overdone it. It was metaphor and life realizations one after another that it started to become repetitive to a fault. I was literally like “Okay, we get that already, you’ve mentioned it like a bazillion times. Can we just get on with the story?”  I just tried to finish it just for the sake of finishing it. The grammatical errors also put me off.

I swear it started out so good, I was so sure to give it 5 stars. I just don’t know what happened along the way. I tried to love it, I really did, but I just couldn’t force myself doing so. It had potential, like the concept sounded so much better in your head but when you say it out loud it immediately loses half of its brilliance. I thought the Hawthorne and Heathcliff title was genius, I’d give them that. It added spice to the story, making it deeper than it truly was. I loved how they met and how they spiraled into the beauty of their love story, but then there are some things that fell too short for me. Something I could not exactly pinpoint. I think it was how it ended, there was something that was missing, I think it ended abruptly, I wanted to know the complete story how Max changed and how it affected their story, I wish it was elaborated more. But all things considered, I would still be trying out her other books.


“Sometimes love isn’t forever. Sometimes it’s just moments in your life that teach you. If it’s the forever after kind of love, it’ll find you again. If it isn’t, don’t let a broken heart break you. Let it make you love harder. Love is a mistake worth making.”



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