The Cure by J.R. Knight: Book Review


Synopsis from Goodreads

Welcome to Metravā.
The year is 3433.
Here are some things you need to know:
Run by the governmental body, Peār, Metravā is inhabited by U-mans, a genetically modified race of humans who do not sleep, who work fifteen hours a daāy, and who are fused with their U-chip at birth.
Everyone is the same, everyone blends in, and no one stands out.
That is until Knijä Taū is born.

Date Published: August 14, 2016

Date Read: August 8, 2016

Number of Pages: 130

Setting: Metrava

Source: Author provided me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


A book that packed a punch!

J.R. Knight contacted me if I wanted to review his book, upon reading what it was about, I jumped at the opportunity and agreed. I’m not the biggest sci-fi fan to be completely honest, but this book sounded so intriguing and amazing, I just couldn’t pass up. It was the perfect mixture of uniqueness and cleverness. J.R. Knight is a genius for coming up with such novella. I was instantly transported to the world he built. I thought I would have a hard time to get into it since it is a scifi book, but J.R. Knight made it so engaging I forgot how uncomfortable I used to be when reading a scifi book.

The setting was laid out perfectly, it was the mixture of scifi and dystopian world that I appreciate a lot. Knija was different, she was trying her best to fit in a world where you shouldn’t be extraordinary. In this novel we follow her journey and struggles of hiding her true identity to the world. I thought it was well executed, I loved its ingenuity, the way each chapters are narrated and how it all came together. The only issue I had was it was too short, I wanted to read so much more, I wanted to see more depth and be able to live in the world JR Knight made just a little longer. I wanted the ending to be elaborated more. This book definitely has potential, and I wouldn’t be surprised if JR Knight will be a household name under the scifi genre in the years to come.

I loved the details in this book, it was especially crafted and well thought-out. A book that definitely packed a punch! The characters played various role and are all important to the development of the story. The narration made it vivid, my imagination worked really well, it’s like watching a movie, and to be honest that doesn’t happen often.

The story was about standing out in a world that has been pulling you down. It is about embracing your uniqueness and “flaws” and using it to your advantage. It is about finding your real self amidst everything mediocre, it is about going against the current of what society has been dictating. I did not miss the message this book was trying to send across. Embracing everything that makes you different. I loved that JR Knight was able to conjure up such kind of story and incorporating it with scifi elements. Definitely a must read for readers who just started venturing out to scifi.


”Keep everything about you that is whole and unique and different—sacred; wear every ounce of dissimilarity with privilege like a badge of honour. Never conform and never give in.”



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