Perfect Strangers by Dani Atkins: Book Review



 Hannah Truman is twenty-seven years old. She is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary memory. One thing she certainly can’t forget is her boyfriend William’s betrayal, which was why she fled to Canada to stay with her sister.

Now, on her way home to England, Hannah finds herself in a queue behind Logan Carter at the airport terminal. He’s checking into Business Class on her flight and although their paths keep crossing, fate prevents them meeting. An almost shared cup of coffee never takes place when Logan is suddenly called away.

But once in the air the unthinkable happens: the plane needs to make an emergency landing. Hannah is alone and terrified, until suddenly Logan slips into the seat beside her.

In the days that follow, Hannah and Logan must call upon all their resources to survive in the frozen landscape, growing ever closer as hopes of a rescue begin to fade …

Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK

Date of Publication: December 15, 2016

Date Read: January 2017

Setting: Canada


Didn’t see that ending coming!

Perfect Strangers is another book that surprised me. There was this sense of foreboding but you couldn’t quite point your finger to it exactly. It was addictive. I flipped through this book in a shorter span of time than what I had anticipated. I’m not really a fast reader so breezing through this book was a surprise. Perfect Strangers is a story of survival. Hannah and Logan had to survive the biting cold of the mountain and all the trials they had to endure while in the wilderness.

Dani Atkins way with words was truly captivating. She was able to paint the book in such vivid light. The setting really came to life the way she described them. Perfect Strangers is an unconventional story. You think you got everything figured out but then a 360 degree turn of events and then bam! You’re left revisiting all that transpired in the book – silently blaming yourself why you didn’t see it coming. Asking yourself if you missed any foreshadowing, any clue on what’s about to go down. It was the kind of book that will wow you without preamble. It was clever, and that’s an understatement. Perfect Strangers is a book that would take you awhile to forget. I was still thinking about it to this day. That’s how amazed I was. Goosebumps and all.

Hannah Truman’s character was a little tiring to read, her mind always drifted to her ex-boyfriend’s betrayal. She would revisit bits and pieces of what happened every chance she gets, which was a little annoying but she was able to redeem herself that last few chapters of the book. She was stronger than what she gives herself credit for. And we have Logan Carter, this enigma of a guy. Logan’s character was not the brooding type, he was kind and caring, and made everything bearable for both of them. However, he was mysterious, which added to the the multitudes of reasons to continue on with the book. You want to know his character completely and how will everything conclude for the both of them. The love story was also a slow burn, a plus for me since you know how I loathe instalove.

Perfect Strangers though a short read, definitely packed a punch. It was unconventional and surprising! I definitely recommend it!


“That’s the trouble with bodies … they have an annoying little habit of giving away far too many secrets.”

Dani Atkins, Perfect Strangers



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