Writing Naked A Memoir by Arnie Quibranza Mejia : Book Review



From Goodreads: Writing Naked, A Memoir shares my past through vignettes about my family, significant other, friends and the love we shared through life’s ups and downs. This memoir touches upon the predicament that my family and I faced after our voluntary exile to the United States of America after the 1986 Philippine EDSA Revolution because of my father’s involvement in the Marcos administration as a military officer. It examines the difficulties of adjusting to a new society and diminished socioeconomic status. It offers insight on the difficulties of immigration and how ultimately the place I had made my home could easily be taken away as I am faced with the possibility of deportation. I hope to give readers the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and relate to mine as they read about my coming out and my family’s acceptance of who I truly am. I hope to inspire other gay men to embrace who they are and hopefully learn from my mistakes and of those around me. This memoir will bring forward the issue of immigration laws and gay marriage and the people it affects. It will also serve as an opportunity for readers to closely examine their safe sex practices and serve as a warning for those who are careless. Writing Naked, A Memoir is an inspiring story of love, loss, hope, family and acceptance in our society today.

Publisher:  University of Santo Tomas Publishing House

Date of Publication: September 19, 2016

Date Read: December 2016

Source: Author provided me a copy in exchange for an honest review



Writing Naked is an honest and raw narration of the author’s life from the moment he set foot in the US soil up to the point when he went back to the Philippines and the colourful events that transpired in between. Writing Naked is a story of trials and success, of heartbreaks and acceptance, and there is something so beautiful how honest it sounded. How much of the author’s heart was put into this work of art. And though the reader may have undergone different circumstance, the book was still relatable. You can identify with the author, and I think that was the beauty of it. How it was able to transcend from the pages to the real world. This memoir will let you see the journey of the author, from puberty to adulthood, from being socially awkward to being confident in his own skin, and it speaks of how we go about our own lives. It was figuring out what you want in life and finding comfort in the decisions you have made, may it be a colossal mistake or something so trivial.

Writing Naked isn’t just about the journey of the author, I loved that it showed the close family ties of Filipinos especially in time of dire need. How resilient Filipinos can be, and how they can strive wherever they may be in the world. This book just shows how well Filipinos can adapt well in the society he belongs to. This book painted a life though not perfect but was real as it could get. Three things I took away from this book” 1. Always pursue happiness. 2. Be able to adapt to survive and 3. Embrace who you are, your weirdness, all the things that make you different. Embrace change and be comfortable with it! This book taught me a lot of things, and I hope you guys could experience the same thing! Definitely worth the read!




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