Vast Stupidity by Angie Martin |Poem No. 9 (NPM2017)

Ways I Love You
vast stupidity
by Angie Martin
nothing is greater 
than the anger held 
in the confines 
of a broken heart
a wasted love
forever forsaken
standing directly
in front of you
in desperate need
of a rescue
reaching and grasping
for the impossible
is stupidity so vast
that one cannot see
the truth shining
all around them
blind dreams
that never see light
waking to the nightmare
of realism in you
the destroyer of
bleeds green
from that broken heart
it never mends
it never dries
the burning tears
dead to life
laughing in unison
the melodies of pity
faded memories
of the one held before you
stolen in time 
stupidity erased
the one true to you
Ways I Love You
You can get a copy of the book three o’clock in the morning sessions where this poem can be found, for free on Amazon, click here. 

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