Dirge for the Dreamer by NL Shompole | Poem No. 10 (NPM2017)


Ways I Love You (3)
Dirge for the Dreamer
by NL Shompole
This is how to dismantle a life, us sitting at the dinner table, last night’s supper (untouched) still between us, the sweet sour perfume of rancid rice and half drank wine telling us it’s long past time to walk away.
This is how to untangle a life, how to unravel the bitter sweet constellation fading between us. This is how to cover the ruins, mourn for the dead, the dying, the decaying remnants of a dream. This is how to bury the kiss. The fighting, the late nights driving through the city because the house is too big without you, too empty, and somehow too full of thoughts of you… too full of tears, and hope, always hope.
This is how to un-remember, this is how to keep the ghosts at bay – walk away and don’t look back. Not until the memories have been reduced to ash, to dust. When the sadness comes creeping in, and it will, it will, it will, take a bath. Wash the blue tint of phantoms from your skin and choose the dawn, no matter what, choose the dawn.
You can get copies of NL Shompole’s poetry books here. You could also check my review of Lace Bone Beast here. 
Ways I Love You (3)

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