Loving Yourself Doesn’t Mean Hating Someone Else by Akif Kichloo |Poem No. 15 (NPM2017)


Loving Yourself Doesn’t Mean Hating Someone Else

by Akif Kichloo

Loving yourself doesn’t mean

hating someone else.

Hating someone else doesn’t mean

you’re loving yourself.

I know it gets confusing,

I know that some situations call for

desperate measures,

but short term solutions need not

inspire long term plans.

Please understand,

A teacher full of judgment will

inspire students filled with 


And if you need to house

contempt in your heart for to

put yourself first,

re-evaluate your stance,

distance yourself from your teacher,

and most of all,

take a step back,

close your eyes,

pause the madness,

breathe, empty your thoughts,

there is always a tomorrow

to start afresh.

Just like shoving sugar down

someone’s throat

won’t make them a sweet person,

A love gone sour can still taste good,

and you don’t have to punish

anyone for this.

Including yourself.

All the healing is in the forgiveness,

but you have to forgive yourself first

before you can forgive anyone else.

And forgiveness, though tricky,

with time, it comes.

You can get Akif Kichloo’s latest poetry book The Feeling May Remain here, Amazon and Book Depository



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