Broken Wishbones and Empty Spaces by Pyrokardia: Book Review



 This book is not for healing,
it is a shelter for your breaking
you will leave
but you’ll leave whole.

This prolific collection of poems; “Broken Wishbones & Empty Spaces” explains what it means to be broken, how it feels to be broken, and how it feels to thirst for love while being broken. It is a book that understands and justifies the melancholy in love. Yet amidst this hurt, it still acknowledges love as a good thing, if only we could find it, give it, and take it the right way.

“Broken Wishbones & Empty Spaces” heals a reader simply by acknowledgment. It skillfully teaches how to gracefully bear love’s forlorn.

Pyrokardia’s second collection of poetry couldn’t have been written in a better way and it is a perfect comrade and companion to his first collection titled “A Beautiful Mess”.

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Date of Publication: January 22, 2017

Date Read: January 2017

Source: Kindle version provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Get Your Copy Here: Amazon


This book is an attestation that though love may cause us inexplicable hurt, it also brings life to us – redemption.

This poetry collection was sent to me in exchange of an honest review. As a lover of poetry I devoured this book like no other. Broken Wishbones and Empty Spaces is an attestation that though love may cause us inexplicable hurt, it also brings life to us – redemption. Pyrokardia’s words resonate grief from being broken yet was also a reassurance that you’ll come out of it if not better, then renewed. His poetry is something people could easily relate to and identify with. If you enjoyed Rupi Kaur’s milk and honey and Amanda Lovelace’s The Princess Saves Herself in This One, then I bet you would appreciate Broken Wishbones and Empty Spaces as well. The tone of this book is very reminiscent of the ones we often see on Instagram or Tumblr, however the author was able to put his own heart into it which I appreciate a whole lot. It’s just an affirmation that love is universal, we may have different experiences but the pain is all the same. All is fair in love, so they say.

I could recommend this poetry book for new lovers of poetry. Pyrokardia’s works are perfectly digestible and on point. Words used are simple yet have its own impact. It is definitely a good place to start when one would want to immerse himself to the beauty of poetry. I can’t wait to see this author bloom in this craft since there is really a lot of potential.



“We fell
into the book of love
stumbling through the pages
filling up the paragraphs
creating new chapters
right till the very last page
where we fell
out of the book
breaking into pieces
as we fell apart.”



2 thoughts on “Broken Wishbones and Empty Spaces by Pyrokardia: Book Review

  1. This sounds like a really great collection! I definitely loved Milk and Honey and The Princess, so I’m sure to check this one out soon. Thanks for the review!

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