Me by Charles Bukowski | Poem No. 18 (NPM2017)

happy valentine's day


by Charles Bukowski

women don’t know how to love

she told me.

you know how to love

but women just want to


I know this because I’m a


hahaha I laughed.

so don’t worry about your breakup

with Susan

because she’ll just leech onto

somebody else.

we talked a while longer

then I said goodbye


went into the crapper and

took a good beershit

mainly thinking, well,

I’m still alive

and have the ability to expel

wastes from my body.

and poems.

and as long as that’s happening

I have the ability to handle





and the economic reports in the

financial section

with that

I stood up



then thought:

it’s true:

I know how to love

I pulled up my pants and walked

into the other room. 

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happy valentine's day


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