Beauty’s Nest by Robin Coste Lewis | Poem No. 20 (NPM2017)

happy valentine's day

Beauty’s Nest
by Robin Coste Lewis

Beauty’s nest
renders the body
mute. An elegance
so inconceivable,
it’s violent. Extreme,
It hurts
the heart to see
something so vast
and deep
can also be made of

And if it can be
of the earth, the body
ponders, might
such a landscape
exist also within me?

The four of you stand
silent, uniformed on
its rim,
while the
imagination tries
to conceive all the
it is still too dark
to see.

You jump back
into your wide tan
and begin to drive
all the motels, and
their signs
which, were it not
after midnight, you
know –
and could see – say


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happy valentine's day


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