The Willoughby Book Club



The Willoughby Book Club was founded by Adam & Chloe Pollard in 2012 in the small, south Leicestershire village of Willoughby Waterleys. Today, the growing team send books to thousands of subscribers in almost 40 countries across the world. The Willoughby Book Club is an award-winning, independent business. They pride themselves on offering a personalized, unique and memorable book subscription box service.

What I love about The Willoughby Book Club is it caters every book lovers’ needs from Children literature down to cook books, they have it! They have everything and I mean everything – even a tote bag, and what’s even more amazing is it is delivered right at your doorstep.


Children’s Book Subscription


All the genre you can think of.


And did I say you could be the next Gordon Ramsay with these cook books (a little bit too much eh?) But guaranteed you will know so much more than frying a bacon!


Of course they have Classics! Seriously what more can you possibly ask for?

And because we already established the fact that they cater all your bookish needs, here’s the fun part, you can get 10% off  on ANY of Willoughby Book Club Subscription, just follow this link: NERDYTALKS. This offer expires on December 31, 2019 (so you have a loooong time to use my link!) I get a little commission whenever you use my referral link so I would be eternally grateful if you will use it in the future! You can also see the link on the sidebar of my blog. Share it to friends, buy your loved ones books, after all we always find comfort between the pages of a book. Readers unite!

All FAQs can be found here, but the most common question is: Do they ship worldwide? YES! Prices for international delivery can be found on the product pages. All international items are sent by priority delivery, which takes between 3-7 days to arrive.

So head on to their website to know more about this amazing book subscription and to know how you can get your very first and don’t forget to use my link to get 10% off. Here it is again: NERDYTALKS





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