Holiday Gift Ideas for Book Lovers!


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Cue the Christmas songs! Christmas is upon us, it is the season of gift giving and what better way to celebrate it than getting your loved ones what they truly like? I know you would love it if you’ll receive something so unique and well-thought out, right? Makes the spirit of the holidays more meaningful and special! So I have compiled some gift ideas for yourself and for your loved ones! Everyone happy! Merry Christmas!

  1. BOOKS

I mean come on, haha this has got to be your first consideration when you think of what to give to a bookworm. “But I don’t know what books she wants?” Well do some investigation, peruse every social media, he or she is probably running a bookstagram account and you can gather from there what new book he or she might be eyeing for quite sometime now or check twitter he or she might have dropped some hints for you to find out. Use your detective skills! Plus points if you are able to snag him or her that one book he or she wanted for like, you know, forever.

Book Depository is an online shop that could help you out with the predicament of lining in the mall and what is great about them is they offer free shipping wherever you may be! You can even address it to the person you want to receive it! Talk about convenience! And they have one of the best customer service, I kid you not!

Book Outlet  is another online book shop with readiculous deals! Majority of my books came from there. However Book Outlet only ships in the US and Canada, so you might need some magic to be able to acquire books if you’re outside US and Canada. I’m from the Philippines, and we use LBC Shipping Cart to fulfill our overwhelming need for new reads. If you are from the Philippines, you can shoot me an email on how to successfully use LBC shipping cart and be able to acquire items in the US!


Every bookworm loves a bookmark, in fact their bookmarks might be more than the actual number of books they own, secretly stashed away so no one would judge them of this crazy need to acquire bookmarks every chance they get! You can easily make a personalized bookmark, but if you are feeling extra and feeling fancy why not up your gift giving game to these bookmarks:

We create the most unusual bookmarks in the world. It’s not just a bookmark, it’s fun, craziness and perfect topic-starter! Just imagine cute little legs sticking from your book! And get ready that your book will appear in the center of everyone’s attention! – MYBOOKMARK TEAM

MYBOOKMARK’s bookmarks are well-crafted ones made out of sturdy materials with such attention to details showing off craziness and playfulness. I can swear by these bookmarks how awesome and worth the money they are! Perfect gift for your book lover and while you’re at it get one for yourself as well! They ship worldwide for only 5$ plus they are having 10% discount on their products this holiday season!

And here’s something more exciting! I have a giveaway going on on my Instagram! You can win a bookmark from them shipped straightly at your doorsteps! I know you wouldn’t want to miss it! You have until December 10 to join, just follow the simple rules and you are qualified! Best of luck!



Her Mad Library  bookmarks cater to every fandom needs! They customize too! Their products are printed on 300gsm paper with laminated pearl finish, so you are definitely getting your money’s worth. And did I mention, the bookmarks are very affordable with perfectly curated designs to match all your fandom and bookish needs? Major plus is, Cath the owner is such a sweetheart!


Page Anchor is another classy bookmark that’s not like any other out there. It comes in Signature Gold and Winter Platinum which makes every reading experience quite extraordinary, you need not hold your book for it to be in place, Page Anchor does the trick for you! Page Anchor is a small metal pin that easily slides in to your book to prevent the pages from closing. Made out of high quality material, it sure is a perfect addition to your bookmark collection! It comes in an elegant box and a cloth to wipe it and make it shiny all the time! Page Anchor makes reading classy and elegant!

For a limited time only you can get a 15% discount if you use my code nerdy15. That’s quite an awesome deal if you ask me plus they ship worldwide!

They also offer Gift Bundle! Get both lovely bookmarks for a discounted price plus you can apply my discount code! Definitely worth its price!



There are already tons of book subscriptions to choose from, there are some focused on YA books, but there are also book subscriptions that caters every bookworms’ needs, may it be of the classic genre, literary fiction, sci-fi, name it this book subscription box I am going to share with you got it and so much more, yes even cook books!


They have everything and I mean everything – even a tote bag, and what’s even more amazing is it is delivered right at your doorstep. The Willoughby Book Club is not just one of the best book subscription box out there, I love how it provides for what every reader wants and not just solely focused on one genre. Pretty amazing if you ask me! And because I love you guys, you can get 10% discount if you use my link, just follow link here: NERDY TALKS.

All FAQs can be found here, but the most common question is: Do they ship worldwide? YES! Prices for international delivery can be found on the product pages. All international items are sent by priority delivery, which takes between 3-7 days to arrive. This has got to be one the best gift you could give a bookworm!

BOOK OF THE MONTH  is another amazing subscription box that will provide you with the newest releases each month. Here’s how it works:




I can personally vouch for Book Of The Month, not only they provide diverse reads they also let you in some exclusive perks about new books that are yet to be released! They also have amazing deals each month so always check what they have in stored for you! And did I mention that all books come in hard covers for such affordable price, bet you could not find that anywhere! However, their services are only open to the US, but I was told they are trying to expand it worldwide, hopefully next year! Let’s cross our fingers!




From mug, throw pillows to T-Shirts and tote bags, every book worm loves some bookish merch to match with their books and to brandish to the world their love for reading, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and every fandom ever existed!

Red Bubble is an amazing online shop that provides you with wide array of selection from throw pillows, duvet covers, clothing items even notebooks and journals. They have everything you need, and what’s more fun is the beautiful designs by talented artists across the globe! There are thousands and I mean thousands of designs to choose from!

Here are some stuff I have designed! Check it out here!



You might not have noticed but socks is an essential part of a bookworm’s life. Why you ask me? Well, curling up in bed with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate can’t seem to be complete with some cute socks, they are basically what curling up with a good book entail! Plus you’ll be doing your bookworm a huge favor because you’re supporting the #SockSunday game! Come on, #SockSundays are fun, and do not tell me otherwise!

So to help you out pick the perfect socks, here are some trusted shops:

You may have seen Happy Socks on your feed a lot, that’s because they are one of the most trusted shops out there. They cater to everyone’s need and they have cute and funky designs to choose from. You’ll never ran out of options! Plus they offer free shipping too! I am personally a fan of Happy Socks and I swear by their products!


Tabi Toes probably is one of the cutest socks, and I mean the CUTEST! With colorful hues and quite different appearance, this will surely put a smile on anyone’s face! Plus it’s comfortable too, you might get weirded out by how it looks but it is comfy, just like that trusty gloves for your feet! And the designs, so kawaii! They offer free shipping on all US orders and free shipping international if you buy 3 or more pairs!


Yep, you read that right! A personalised socks, how cool right? And they don’t just offer socks, they have sweaters, underwear, T-shirts, slippers and scarves too! Talk about all the good things in one shop!


Another perfect gift to give a bookworm is a pair of classy and trendy eyewear! Check TIJN and choose from the myriad of designs perfect for every face shape! A good pair of eyeglasses more than its essential use has become a statement piece, bookworms are fashionable too! TIJN offers free shipping worldiwde and 10$ off for your first pair if you use the code 10free.




So there you have it guys! Hope I was able to help you out decide on what to get a bookworm friend, sister, brother, husband, wife, mother, father or hey yourself! Have a meaningful holidays everyone! Let’s spread happiness and love! Merry Christmas!




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  1. It’s like you read my Christmas wish list! Next time anyone asks me what I want, I can just link them to this post and be done with it :’)

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