Happy National Poetry Month!



April is National Poetry Month. A celebration I take seriously. Every year I take part in the celebration by posting a favourite poem per day, however due to time constraints and busy work schedule, unfortunately I cannot do what I have been doing the past two years, instead I will be sharing with you guys some poetry book recommendations, may it be contemporary ones or our well loved classic poetry – from Pablo Neruda to Rupi Kaur. I really hope you do find time to read it. I will schedule the post sporadically throughout the month. I am also thinking of doing an author spotlight, and maybe share a poetry I have written too. Let’s surprise each other shall we? Stay tuned for more detail, I might throw in some giveaway at the end of the month.

For now, hope you will be reading tons of poetry books and discover new favourites, I know I will! Until my next blog post!



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