Bookish Bucket List



Hmm so these are things I wanted to do that are bookish or remotely bookish. 🙂 It would be fun to strike out one of these in the future.

1. Meet Laini Taylor and probably give her a hug.

2. Meet Tarryn Fisher and give her a hug. (done!!! September 13, 2015)


3. Go to Shakespeare Bookstore in Paris

4. Have my picture taken with George R.R. Martin.

5. Complete all the Books in A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin

6. Buy a wand just like that of Hermione or Harry Potter.

7. Have my picture taken in every book store I went to.

8. Read under the Eiffel Tower.

9. Read in a coffee shop over looking the San Francisco Bridge.

10. Or read in a coffee shop over looking Seattle’s Space Needle

11. Make a photobook of all the photos I have taken, of books, of me and an author, of my bookish friends.

12. Write a book.

13. Meet JK Rowling

14. Go to Amsterdam and sit where Augustus and Hazel Grace sat.

15. Sit at the throne in Kingslanding!

16. Meet and give Jessica Thompson a hug.

17. Shop at Strand in New York

18. Finish the Rory Gilmore Challenge (oh boy)

19. Collect all Penguins Modern Classics

20. Have a shelf only for poetry books (slowly taking shape! Yey!)

21. Go to Hobbiton

22. Write a poetry book.

23. Watch Sarah Kay perform my favorite poem by her – Postcards then have a our picture taken. Hihi

24. Collect all Funko Pop Vinyls of Game of Thrones (So far I have Khaleesi, Jon Snow, Sansa, Ygritte Drogo and Snow)

25. Collect all Funko Pop Vinyls of Harry Potter (So far I have the Harry Potter Quidditch)

26. Have someone propose to me using books (hahah come on be creative)

27. Have my own bookstore someday

28. Have my own home library,

29. Meet Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington (who played Khaleesi and Jon Snow)

30. Go to Harry Potter in Florida and Japan

31. Kiss Chuck Palahniuk on the cheeks! Haha

32. Meet Colleen Hoover and say I live her! haha (done! September 13, 2015, but sadly didn’t get that chance to say I live her! haha but I guess the hug compensated for it!)



7 thoughts on “Bookish Bucket List

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  2. I have never seen something like this before, it’s great! So jealous you met Colleen Hoover, one of my all time favourite authors. I would have a very similar list as you, meeting JK Rowling would be my absolute dream of all dreams! 😀

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