Review Policy

I review books for fun and nope I am not paid in doing this. I do accept books to review, but I cannot get to it as soon as I receive them, because I have tons of books to read too, but be assured I’ll get to it as soon as I can. (Due to the volume of review books coming my way, I have decided to do a Recommendation List, this is where I send authors or publishers list of potential readers that could make a review of their books at the given time. You can check all about it here and feel free to fill up the form while you’re at it.)

You can see reviews of books from different genres as I am not solely focused on one. I am in a never-ending quest of finding good books, thus the reason I read anything that comes my way. I need another life time to finish all the books I want to read. I immensely enjoy Contemporary, New Adult, Romance and Fantasy, but yes I read anything – as I always say, even those books everybody seemed to hate. I often buy my own books, or get advance copies from Net Galley or even wait for sale on kindle editions on Amazon.

And oh, I don’t do spoilers on my reviews. I make it as spoiler-free as possible, but if some slip through the cracks, I apologize now. I noticed some reviews contain spoilers, may it be mild or full-blown ones, for me I just don’t like to do that, I wanted to leave something for the readers to look forward to. I read the first lines of review or only look at the rating, this is when I am considering whether if I will buy the book or not. Most of the time, I don’t read reviews at all for I wanted to read the book not knowing anything and let myself be surprised by the turns of events. Then after I finished reading the said book, that would be the time I would read the full review.

So here, I am going to write whatever floats my boat. You can agree or not, but this is how I want things to go here. If you enjoy reading my reviews, then I am extending my gratitude!


rating_5stars = BEST BOOK EVER. No not really, it is maybe a book that most people hated but was relevant to me, or a book that made me flail with school girl shrill to match, or a book that made me tear up like I haven’t bawled before. A book that hits home, or hits it where it hurts the most. Oh I know you get me.

4rating_4stars = Almost but not quite. Something I did enjoy for the most part, but maybe I am looking for something more.

3rating_3stars = Liked it, but not enough for me to reread it. A little forgettable, but it was good while it lasted.

2rating_2stars = Disappointed. Didn’t connect to me.

1rating_1stars = What.The.Hell.Did.I.Just.Read? NEVER AGAIN. haha


Read and Let Read! ❤