Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!


Haha okay, I just sounded like Effie there. Anyways, welcome to my blog, (geez, hopefully I could stick to this one and not change for like the hundredth time, kidding, this is actually my third attempt on putting up a decent blog). I am fairly new to the book blogging community, well if you will count the two failed attempts, I could say I am in here for a little over two years now, but I hate to admit I wasn’t as active as a true blood book blogger should have been. (insert law school duties here.)

So let me first Introduce myself (properly). I am Eunice. I started this reading experience back in my grade school days where Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine, and Sweet Valley High were all that was available in my school library. I can even remember that I had this little competition with my classmate then as to who would be the first one to fill up our library cards. Oh it was fun, and yeah, I won in that mini competition of ours. Good times! Then high school came, I wasn’t a hard core reader then, the only ones I have read were Harry Potter and some classics required for school. I envy teenagers these days, they are bombarded with endless book choices, back in my day (well don’t look at me like that, I am not as ancient as I portray myself to be, I am only 25 turning 26 this January) the book choices are not as vast as today and yep I hardly buy books then. Then college, I did not read much when I was in college, back then I thought college was so hard I could not possibly read for fun even if I wanted to, then my 21 year-old self said “Wait ’til you enter law school.” And so, yes I entered law school, I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it was because no matter how many superlatives I will throw or how many tears I shed or even how many pimples I show you guys, no one can truly understand a person who has been to law school than another crazy individual who went through the same ordeal. So to put it mildly, and this has been the joke between me and my friends, law school is just a walk in the park …. Jurassic Park – and I kid you not. I am going to cut that horrible part of my life and proceed to telling you of my reading life in law school, so yes there are a lot of law books to read, a lot of provisions to memorize, a lot of cases to be familiar with – and by some magical stroke of luck I was able to read some novels purely for fun. I was hooked at New Adult and Young Adult genre, they were my guilty pleasures to say the least. It was an escape from the hell hole I was in. I immensely enjoyed books with hot guys and not-so-popular girls, because these are the books one would want to read after his or her brain has been battered by too much intellectual stuff. It was a breather. Up until now, even if I am done with law school, I still enjoy these genres, and I wouldn’t be ashamed of it. I am an adult reading YA, so what, there isn’t shame in that, but shame on people who actually think they are better than the rest of the world because they have read Les Miserables or all the works of Ernest Hemingway. Oh please, READ and LET READ. There should not be such thing as book shaming, we should read what we want. I find it ridiculous when people give disgusted looks to those people who have read and enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey, I for one have read and enjoyed it. It wasn’t the best out there but I enjoyed it, to hell with what other’s think. (Why is this becoming a rant entry? Haha) So okay, there, I have explained myself, to cut the boring and long story short, I am here making up for the lost times. I will be reading any book I want, and no one could tell me otherwise!!

Ha, I actually forgot what this blog is all about. In here I am going to post reviews, to-be read books, anticipated ones, new releases, relationship with books and anything under the sun that is of course related to books! Have fun and enjoy my little space in the world wide web! 🙂