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A collection of honest musings on the misadventures of life and love, “Fragmented Bliss” embarks readers on a journey to collapse in laughter and tears because that is how galaxies of memories are formed.

Publisher:  Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Date of Publication: May 1, 2016

Genre: Poetry

Source: Author provided a copy in exchange for an honest review.

No. of Pages: 116 pages

Date Read: January 2017



BJ Rosalind’s poetry is meant to be read out loud with intensity and full of emotions

I was contacted by the author in exchange for an honest review. I’ve always wanted to support independent authors since I started blogging, especially the underrated poets. Poetry is a genre that has been often put on the sideline, it isn’t something everyone usually picks up. So I made it my life’s mission to promote poetry and to promote as much underrated authors as I can.

To say I was happy to have chanced upon BJ Rosalind’s work would be the understatement of the year. Her work is exquisite! Truly, amazing talent knows no age. At a very young age of 17 she was able to conjure the most eloquent words. She was able to sew words together, beautifully, like it is what she was born to do. Her poetry makes that instant connection with its readers like any good poetry can. It speaks to you on a level of understanding that you and the author only knows about. I feel like her works will be more appreciated if the same is performed as spoken word. It was profound and moving, which isn’t exactly easy to portray in poetry, but Benita was able to do it flawlessly. I can’t wait to see her grow as an author, can’t wait to see her experience more of life and be able to put them into writing. I bet it will be phenomenal. She has this way with words that are distinct from the other poets. I also I appreciate that her poetry are easily digestible but not compromising the quality of it. It was on point – much like an arrow straight to the heart. I definitely recommend!


Careless Beings

“I will never hurt you.”

I look at you and find it amusing how we are bound to think we won’t ever hurt the ones we truly love. But see, I’ve learned that it’s inevitable you misplaced the left-pair of your favorite green sock or the jersey you had back in fifth grade. We are careless beings; it’s simply naive to make promises of a future we can’t see yet. Maybe you won’t hurt me, but somewhere along the line I listen to my parents having screaming matches and children in the playground pushing each other down and I realized you’ve defeated my prison guards and you hold a key to all my demons. You won’t hurt me, yes, because you’ll destroy me into ashes tucked away in one of those glass bottles you collect down in your basement. Love heals but it also destroys everything in its path, don’t you know? I flashed a disarming smile and reached for your hand, open palms, fingers intertwined. “I know.”

– Fragmented Bliss; BJ Rosalind





How To Destroy Yourself by BJ Rosalind | Poem No. 21 (NPM2017)

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How to Destroy Yourself
by BJ Rosalind

Step one. Be delirious over treacherous memories. Find any face in a sea of millions and replace it with his. Use this one as a target to release your arrow of imagination.

Step two. Take 5 steps closer and retreat one foot backward when you realize the distance might be too close for you liking. Straighten your arm perfectly and grip the bow tight. Hold on to the faith that all your imagination is indeed reality.

Step three. Release your arrow, forget reality. Let it melt like raindrops sliding down your car window. Think of him and hold your target’s hand, take one step closer and wrap yourself around his warmth. Breathe his smell, listen to his thundering heartbeats, make yourself vulnerable. It’s him. It’s your old him.

Step four. Cling to him like the after droplets hang off the tips of your hair. Gush about how cute that kitten you saw in the pet shop when you cross the streets with him. Laugh about the looks you receive from people with him. He’s real, isn’t he? He’s not just figment of your imagination.

Step five. Tell yourself you’ve fallen in love again with your new companion every time you see a mirror. Now, believe it. This is the calm before the storms, do not prepare your sails or any lifeboats to bring you home safe.

Step six. He will confront you and doubt you. There are cracks in the mirror now. Convince him that you are very much so in love with him – that you’ve never used him even if that on itself falls dead on your own ears. You can’t bear to see him go, can you? You love him. You do. You do. You do. You-

Step seven. Let him leave. He deserves someone better, remember? You were never meant to live a fairy tale life. Look at your hands and see how everything you touch decays in a matter odd seconds, if not months. Write a post-it to yourself about how you damaged the boy with crystal clear eyes and Cheshire cat smile, trying to redeem yourself but only falling head first once again.

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