Top Three Wednesday


Hello everyone! So I decided to do a new segment on my blog called Top Three Wednesday. In here I will be featuring top three of anything bookish or anything even remotely connected. Such a thrill to start our December right? And yes it will be fun to do a wrap up of all the books you have read for this year. I hope this will continue on until next year or until I ran out of ideas haha! If you want to suggest something, please feel free to comment down below.

But for the month of December, I’ve taken the liberty to schedule our Top Three Wednesday.

December 2: Top Three Wednesday: Poems 

(It could be an excerpt from a collection of poems by your new found poet, or the whole collection itself, whatever floats your boat, and of course you have to do some explaining.)

December 9: Top Three Wednesday: Romance Novels

It doesn’t have to be solely a romance novel, but it could be a fantasy book with a good romance thrown in the mix. But please when doing this, don’t give out spoilers. The aim here is to find good books and see what books others enjoyed.

December 16: Top Three Wednesday: Most Read Authors

We all have favorite authors and limiting them to three isn’t just right, but you really have to make this choice, bummer I know haha! It’s like naming your favorite book – there’s just too many, and it is impossible to pick just one. At least I gave you three haha!

December 23: Top Three Wednesday: Christmas Themed Books

Need I explain it? Hahah

December 30: Top Three Wednesday: Books that Changed You

Aha! This is in lieu with the coming new year! So make this one count! 🙂


Please feel free to do this Top Three Wednesday and don’t forget to tag me on your posts so I could see it! And oh as I’ve said I am open to suggestions too! So we could continue on on January!