November Wrap-Up


I managed to read 10 novels, 2 collection of poems, 2 short stories and 1 graphic novel.

Presenting my November Wrap-Up! In total i have read 15 books. It is only now I can do such thing, because bar review and bar exam took up a lot of my time. So yes, this is an achievement. I enjoyed reading all of these.

1. How To Love by Katie Cotugno (not in the photo)

I bought a copy back in June. What made me buy it was the blurb, well you see, I am trying to write my own book. I already have this specific plot in my mind, and then I was browsing the bookstore one day and saw How to Love, the blurb kind of had a resemblance to the plot I had in mind for my book, instantly that got me interested.

I didn’t finish this book in one sitting, I kept on delaying it, and do other things instead. To cut to the chase, it didn’t grip me like I thought it would. You can check my review on the book here.It was okay for me, but not really the best out there. Maybe I expected a lot from it. Rating: 3/5

2. Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I was not really a fan of sci-fi, but a gave this book a chance without really expecting too much from it. But I was surprised that I liked it more than I allow myself to. You can check my review here. I had little issues but the awesomeness of the book fa outweighs this petty issues. I am planning on continuing with the series. Rating 4.5/5

3. Winger by Andrew Smith

I joined Sarah Chruchill;s Anti-Bullying Readathon over at goodreads, I was only able to read Winger since I was really busy that week. This has become a favorite. It was so good, and I am not even exaggerating. Yiu can check my review here. I just have one advice be prepared for the end of the book. It was ugh!!! Rating 5/5

4. Angelfall by Susan Ee. 

Holy mother of Angels, was I in love with this book? Yes! Yes! Yes!! I will shove it to anyone’s throat. I love love the story, the twists, the unexpected turns! Oh goodness this book you guys, this book. Check my review hereRating 5/5

5. World After by Susan Ee

I liked the first book more, but this book was also a solid read. And oh yes, Raffryn!!! Rating 5/5

6. Zombicorns by John Green

This is a short story, it was an absurd book, absurd but in a good way. John Green can write great zombie books! and kudos to the man for still injecting wisdom in this 72-page of pure awesomeness.Rating 4/5

7. A little Something Different by Sandy Hall

This book is super adorable. I love the different point of views! My favorite point of view was that of the bench, squirrel and Victor! Rating 4/5

8. Unlit Star by Lindy Zart

Oh boy, did I cry over this book. It was a total sob-fest. I loved the book, it was raw and real. Now I am out to check out all Lindy Zart’s book, that girl is amazing! You can check my full review here Rating  5/5

9. Lessness and More by Cesar Nascimento

The poems didn’t connect to me the way poems should. It was meh. Rating 2/5

10. Whispers of Dreams by Alexia Purdy

The poems were… okay. Not really a favorite but it was enough to pass time. Rating 3/5

11. The One by Kiera Cass

This book had my eyes rolling. Let’s just say the whole trilogy was just a disappointment for me. Rating: 2/5

12. Blue Bloods (Graphic Novel) by Melissa De La Cruz

It was okay, but I think it was a little vague, it didn’t really explain much. But the illustrations are really good! Rating 3/5

13. The KIss of Deception by Mary e. Pearson 

I really enjoyed this book! Because of this book, The hype was real! I wanted more books about princess and kingdoms, Rafe!! I am in love with Rafe! You can check my review here Rating 5/5

14. I feel Bad About my Neck by Nora Ephron

Oh how I love this woman! She practically summarizes every woman’s dilemma and putting wit and humor to it. This is the best read for every woman out there, even men enjoyed this book.Rating 4/5

15. One Hundred Steps by Susan Ee

This 100-word story totally creeped me out. Rating 3/5

So there, my November consisted mostly of Fantasy and Romance, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now I am getting ready for the holidays, I will be reading a lot of Christmas themed book this season. Care to join me?