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Same time last year, I made a 2015 Bookish New Year Resolution, and now I am reviewing 2015 if I was able to stick with these resolutions.

Discover New Authors: Yes! I was able to discover new authors, by new I mean an author I have not read anything by even if their works were really popular, and fell in love with their works! It was always nice to read a book from an author you know nothing about. My favorite new authors for 2015 are:

  • Anna Quindlen¬†– my best friend mentioned this author to me as she wanted to read Still Life and Breadcrumbs, if I am not mistaken. I saw a copy of her book¬†A Short Guide to A Happy Life¬†and loved it! What a positive woman she is!
  • C.P Cavafy¬†– ahhhh! He is a now a favorite poet!! I lovedddd his poems! So achingly beautiful.
  • David¬†Sedaris –¬†oh my goodness this guy is soooo funny, I couldn’t contain my giggles when I was reading¬†Me Talk Pretty One Day
  • Sarah Kay¬†– I think I am a little obsessed, I love all her poems, she’s my person! Haha
  • Renee Ahdieh¬†– oh wow I really enjoyed¬†The Wrath and The¬†Dawn,¬†probably one of my favorite reads of 2015. So yes, I want to read more from this author!
  • Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner¬†they write so well they made me a Scifi Convert! Haha

Read More from a Genre I have not explored:¬† I fell a little short with my promise here, I said I would read more historical fiction, SciFi and more nonfiction. I’ve not read much from this genres, so I am carrying this over to 2016. But hey I guess I made a little progress here, I’ve read more non-fiction this year, my favorites were¬†Im Special and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves to get Through our Twenties by Ryan O’Connell¬†and¬†Candy Darling: Memoir of An Andy Warhol Superstar.¬†I failed to read any historical fiction, yeah I know such a bummer, but I was able to read one SciFi which was¬†These Broken Stars.

Less YA:¬†I always find myself drawn to YA, I could not resist it. I think I have read a lot of YA for 2015. I need to lessen that on 2016, but not completely stop reading them. Why? They are all feel good and easy read. I wouldn’t want to completely stop myself from reading them.

Read More Classic:  Do Little Black Classics from Penguin count? If yes! Then I was able to stick with this resolution haha! My favorite penguin classic would be Remember Body by CP Cavafy

Read More Poetry: Oh yeah! I was slaying this one! I’ve read a LOT of poetry books this 2015! Great poetry year for me, I must say! Faves:¬†No Matter The Wreckage, Remember Body, The Year of What Now, Ugly People Beautiful Hearts, Memories and Twenty Love Poems and A Song of Despair.

Less Book Buying even Lesser TBR: Did I really write this? I don’t remember. What is this?

Buy The Ones I really Like Well I did say Booksale and Warehouse Sale are exceptions, so I was still able to stick with this one! Ha! I am a terrible person haha

Take More Beautiful Bookish Photos: Hahaha! I wrote this as a resolution? How shallow could I get? Haha! But hey I could see the “improvement” on my photos. So… hahaha

Read More Underrated Books: Uhm, nope, was not able to fully grasp this one. but hey I really tried.

So those were my resolutions last year. I’d say I did a pretty decent job, all things considered. I hope 2016 will be a better reading year for me and for you guys too!

I picture myself reading more Adult fiction next year. I really wanted to branch out, be diverse as possible, I know I have been saying this before, but hopefully this time I could really really stick to it.

And oh I am also unhauling some books too, I might do a giveaway here and there, so watch out for that.

How was your 2015? Did you “improve” as a reader, I know I have! ūüôā





2015 Bookish New Year Resolution


Whoa few hours from now and it will be 2015! 2014 flew by so fast! In 2014 I was able to read 54 books. I had set my goal to 50, since I now I wouldn’t have the time to read much book not until November because I reviewed for the bar exams and took it last October. So despite that, I am happy to have completed my reading goal. Honestly I do not know how much books I will be challenging myself to read by 2015, maybe to 75 or yet to 50 again. We’ll see, that would depend what awaits me for 2015 (insert bar exams result, this is seriously giving me anxiety haha). So for the last day of 2014, I am going to share with you my 2015 Bookish New Year Resolution.

Discover a New Author

…and possibly love his/her works. Last 2014 I was able to read works from different authors I have not heard of before. This 2015, I will challenge myself to read more works of authors I’ve been meaning to read or discover new ones, not of specific genre, but I want my choice to be as diverse as possible. Who knows, I might find a new favorite author! In 2014, my total favorites were Neal Shusterman, Mary E.Pearson, Susan Ee, Lang Leav, Lindy Zart, RS Grey¬†Chuck Palahniuk,and Andrew Smith to name a few.

Read more from a Genre I have not explored 

I think I will read more historical fiction and science fiction and oh more nonfiction!

Less YA

Oh! Don’t stone me! I just wanted to give focus on other genres, but who am I kidding I am always drawn to YA! hahah.

Read More Classics

Yes, it is about damn time to read more of the Bronte sisters, Ernest Hemingway…I’ll get there so fret not!

Read more poetry

So much yes to this, this December I’ve been purchasing poetry books over at book depository it will all be here by January and I cannot wait. I have loved poetry since highschool so collecting them would be a no brainer. This year I immensely enjoyed the works of Lang Leav – Love and Misadventure and Lullabies

Less Book Buying even lesser TBR

Who on earth am I kidding,  I can see this is so not going to happen, but Ill try my best! ha! More like. more book buying and more TBR Рinsane.

Buy the ones I really like

…this is more true, I should stop buying books that isn’t on my top list – well book sale and warehouse sale will be an exception.

Take more beautiful bookish photos

Before I was a blogger (if I can even consider myself one) I am a bookstagrammer, I share my current reads, recent purchase and whatnot on Instagram, I started bookstagram May 2014, it was originally just an escape from review, a break from reading law provisions, I did know it will grow, by the end of 2014 I have gained 5.8k followers and I am really thankful for them. It makes me happy to know that I have influenced some to read a certain book, and the most amazing part of being a bookstagrammer is I get to meet amazing people, like my bookish sisters over at Bookish Pinoys.

So yes, I want to take more beautiful photos, I wanted to do some variations, since I think my photos are becoming bland, heheh I shall remedy that soon.

Read more underrated books

I have always been influenced by all the hype surrounding a specific series or a specific book, that I end up buying it, but most of the time I end up disappointed. But whenever I read underrated books, it will shock me that it turned out so good, and wonder why it hasn’t received much hype. So for 2015, I am looking forward to reading underrated books, they also deserve to be read and to receive the rave it deserves.


So this is my 2015 Bookish New Year Resolution, what about you? Have you made any?