Bookish Bucketlist: Meet Tarryn Fisher and Colleen Hoover



It was my first time attending a signing event. Yes despite the fact that I love books so much and it would have been lovely to meet every author behind one of my favorite books, I didn’t have the chance to actually attend one before. It’s either because of time constraints or I had a prior commitment or all the unnecessary dramas in my life (*insert adult life here*). But when Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher announced last year that they will be going here in the Philippines, I just knew I could not miss it for the world.

When did it all start?

Let me tell you first how I came to know about Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher, it was 3 years ago I was itching to read something romantic and light to tide me over the day, if I remember it correctly we had a class suspension due to typhoon, I was in law school then. And when you are in law school, there is hardly a time for pleasure reading. We were bombarded with legal provisions and recent jurisprudence that we barely keep our eyes open. So whenever there will be class suspensions, we do everything non-law school related. Yes we don’t study all the freaking time, as opposed to what over-achievers portray haha. We do have some down time too, so we maximize it as much as we could while we could. And so because I wanted to read something non-law school related I chanced upon The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher. The blurb got me interested, I was hooked from the very first page until the last and boy did I bawl like a baby towards the end. The book shredded my heart into pieces. There is no exaggeration here, after I finished the book I was just staring at my wall contemplating about how unfair life is then, yes more crying. It was that one book that made me cry like that aside from This is A Love Story by Jessica Thompson. It was truly the ugliest cry. So what do you do when you love a book by an author? Read all the rest. Back then the only ones published were The Opportunist and Dirty Red. Oh boy, oh boy Dirty Red was quite a read and I hated Leah for the most part but I loved how Tarryn played Leah’s character, it was so effective you’ll hate her. Then after a year The Thief  the last book in the Love Me With Lies series was published. I read it immediately, I wanted answers of course I wanted Caleb and Olivia to end up together. It wasn’t the kind of happy ending everyone is accustomed to. It was more like a realistic ending which I really loved.

Now how did I discover Colleen Hoover? Again it was one of those days when we had a suspension of classes. She only had three  books published then Slammed, Point of Retreat and Hopeless. As I am not really into series those times I chose to read Hopeless which was a standalone then. My three roommates and I had a readalong. And ahhhh I was not prepared for that twist! Dean Holder was so dreamy and I cried buckets too. It was so dark and too sensitive a topic but Colleen did it justice. So from then on I knew Colleen Hoover will be a staple in my reading life.

The Signing

As I’ve mentioned it was my first time to attend a booksigning. I’ve heard the horrors and dos and donts. So I think I prepared for it. I met up with my bookish sisters Janna, Jovel, Arra and Lei then at the location met two new friends Tin and Angela. Of course met up with two fellow admins of Bookish Pinoys – Elena and Pam. I left my place around 5am since I was told there are many people already. I was there at the mall by 6am. Made it to no.98 on the list. So everything was smooth sailing. 10 am would be the official start of registration. And as hours pass commotions here and there sprung. Especially about the list and all. But everything worked out fine I guess.
Upon registration i got no.110 from 98 which obviously someone cut the line but we didn’t bother arguing about it since we are already there and what difference will it make, really?
At 2pm the event officially started. Also saw alot of bookstagrammers (Colleen, Be a, Abby and Ella) but was too shy to approach them.
When Christine, Tarryn and Colleen made their appearance, everyone, yes including myself, went batsh!t crazy! They talked about their writing style, what is the inspiration behind their stories. I nearly cried when Tarryn Fisher admitted that Olivia was her or at least a part of herself and he isn’t with the real Caleb now. I admired her even more for that. She portrayed all her characters in a flawed persona yet vulnerable and relatable just how it is supposed to be. I love how realistic it all was.
They were each asked love advice, and what stuck to me was what Colleen Hoover said “Never settle.” Ahhh everything was so surreal!!!
They also announced some exciting news. Tarryn is coming up with a new book with the title F*** Love I am sure that it will be a book that will rip my heart out. Also Never Never 3 will be out January of next year! Also the newest book of Colleen Hoover November 9 will be out this November, it is about two persons who meet up every 9th of November and the story kind of revolve around it. It sounds exciting as it is. I can hardly wait.

Talking to them and giving them hugs
So it was my turn to actually get my books signed and have a mini chitchat with them. I first met Colleen Hoover who immediately asked how I was which I promptly answered good and excited. We didn’t talk much. I was tongue tied, but had the guts to ask for a hug in which she immediately obliged. Ahhh I was fangirling so much.
Then it was my turn to talk to Tarryn. Ahhhh she is my spirit animal, my unicorn – my person. I was literally shaking. I mentioned that I will be taking the bar exams and wanted to be a badass lawyer like Olivia, this made her smile. She said it is great and wished me luck. And even asked what would I specialize on, I immediately answered Civil and Criminal. And she said those are great choices. Ahh I could talk to her forever!! I asked if I could hug her and without even second thinking she hugged me tight. It was such a wonderful experience. I cannot explain it!!! Ticked off an item on my bucketlist!!!

The whole event was tiring yet so worth it. I wouldnt have it any other way.



Here are some pics with the beautiful and friendly bookstagrammers I met there.



L-R (Elena @thequeenreads, Pam @phamtasticreads, me, Lei @lei_reads, Jovel @travelthrubooks, Arra @arrabelreads and Janna It was really fun seeing them



L-R Arra, Janna, Jovel, Angela @angelareads_ and Tin @thebookmaiden. Enjoyed their company, making the whole ordeal bearable 🙂


Till next signing girls! I miss you all already!

Can’t wait for the next signing and experience it all over again! Everything was so worth it. My fangirl self is beyond happy!