Nerdy Talks Top 16 Books of 2016


Hey all! I’ve been quite busy the past weeks, and to be completely honest I was in a blogging and bookstagramming slump (yes there is such thing), I blame the holiday season. I know we all had that “moment” when all our creative juices seem to fly out of the window, I was having a serious case of it for quite a while, but hey I am back with a blog post! Of course I wouldn’t let the year pass without sharing with you guys my favourite reads of 2016. 2016 was a great reading year for me, I’ve discovered new favorite authors, enjoyed genres I didn’t know I would enjoy and met amazing “bookish” people. It was a year of saying yes to a whole lot of opportunities and discovering myself in the process. It is true what they say, books become part of who we are. And these books truly made a difference in me!

P.S. I did not include poetry books here since I will be making a separate post about it. You can check Top 16 Poetry Books of 2016 here.

Shall we begin?

  1. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

22822858 A Little Life took the cake, this is without an iota of doubt my favorite read of 2016. I have not made a review of it, yes, why you ask? I’m afraid I won’t be able to give it the justice it truly deserves. Imagine yourself inside a house on fire, at first you’ll feel the heat, next moment you’re suffocating from the thick smoke, the next thing you know fire is already enveloping you. Pretty morbid comparison, but that’s how it feels to read A Little Life. It will not immediately hurt you, it will happen in such a gradual manner, an emotional torture, a relentless beating, it was such a slow  burn rendering you helpless and emotionally drained. Not that it was a dragging read, it wasn’t, it’s just that you have to feel all of it to fully appreciate the book. This book needs your undivided attention, it may look like it is a tedious job to finish it, but I tell you it is so rewarding you’ll be thanking yourself forever. After reading A Little Life, I feel like I am a different person, I came out maturer and wiser, dare I say. A Little Life is a book that needs to be read even once in a person’s lifetime. Jude’s story may have been hard to digest and at times too much to bear, but you will just automatically be drawn to him just like the proverbial moth to the flame. As Hanya Yanagihara puts it, “Jude’s character is deeply frustrating to read yet easy to write.” I was also happy to have met this amazing author, definitely a highlight of my 2016.

2. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
25883848Just by thinking of this book sends endorphins all over me. I am smiling like a lunatic just by the mention of the name Joshua Templeman. I am so in love with this book, it is already bordering obsession. You can check my full review of the book here.

Sally Thorne reminded me of Sophie Kinsella and Cora Carmack’s writing. She surely knows how to formulate the right words to make a funny, romantic and a total page turner story. I super loved Joshua and Lucy’s banters, and the palpable sexual tension. I loved that it wasn’t just a romantic comedy novel, but also it had depth. Everything was just well played out, it had the perfect amount of drama, romance and fun! I think it is my life mission to shove this book down every person’s throat. I feel sorry for those people who have not read this book yet, I mean guys, what is wrong with you? You’re missing half of your life. Like seriously, go and buy this book now!

3. The Radleys by Matt Haig

41pckvr7bql-_sx324_bo1204203200_The Radleys is a book that completely surprised me. It may have a low rating on Goodreads, but that didn’t stop me from reading this one. The Radleys is my first vampire read, yes you read that right. I was expecting something mediocre and something common, I didn’t expect it to offer something new in the table. But boy, this book surprised me. I may not be a wide vampire book reader, but I know good stuff when I read one, and this book did not disappoint. It was well thought out, the characters are engaging and unique. The back story had me hooked I was flying through the pages and finished it in a day. Matt Haig’s writing style is addictive. He sure as hell gained a fan in me. You can check my full review of the book here

4. The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins

girlonthetrain Prepare to hold your breath the last 50 pages or so.  You are in for some mind blowing, heart racing and gasp inducing ride. This book had the perfect amount of suspense and drama. And though this book is constantly compared to Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, this book is different and worthy of anyone’s time. It is beautiful and engaging in its own right, and quite frankly I liked this one more than Gone Girl. 

The Girl on The Train‘s twist is something I did not see coming. It was more like an unexpected smack in the face. Paula Hawkins’ talent on trickery and mind fckery is something you sure wouldn’t want to miss. I have not seen the movie but I heard Emily Blunt did a great job portraying the role of Rachel, I think I will watch that after writing this blog entry. You can check my full review of the book here. 

5. Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid


Taylor Jenkins Reid is another new favorite author, and it only takes one book by her to convince me. Maybe In Another Life is a good take on the dilemmas of being an adult, on the struggle of being stuck in a limbo, of being lost in your life or confused as to what you wanted to be. Maybe In Another Life is an affirmation that though life may have played cruel jokes on you, you’ll still end up where you should be – and that you’ll find happiness in it, wherever it may be and whoever it be with. Maybe In Another Life is an unconventional style of story telling, it offers alternate endings, it is like reading two books in one. This is one of the main reasons why this book appealed to me so much. So much so that Taylor Jenkins Reid instantly became a favorite author. You can see my full review of the book here. 

6. The Forbidden by Tabitha Suzama

8349244Forbidden is an incest story, yes, you read that right and no I did not ruin it for you, it is included in the blurb. So don’t go hating on me. And while this book talks about a taboo, it is something so gripping and heartbreaking you couldn’t miss the way the author painted it in such a beautiful and haunting light. This book had me bawling at the wee hours of the night,  it is like my heart was barely surviving. That ending shook me to my core, it was bound to have a heart wrenching ending, but boy I was not prepared for it. Tabitha Suzama’s writing style is unflinchingly beautiful, lyrical and too raw. Maya and Logan’s story is something that would stay in my head for a long time, more like forever. I hope everyone would give this book a try. It was a gamble reading this one, but it was worth taking that risk. It challenged me as a reader and as a person, that at least counts for something. You can check the full review of the book here. 

7. Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino


Renee Carlino is yet another new found favorite author of 2016. I have read three books by her: Swear on This Life, Sweet Thing and Before We Were Strangers. Before We Were Strangers is my ultimate favorite so far. This book is my fantasy put into paper. It is  that one book that had me saying “Damn, I wish I wrote that.”. Before We Were Strangers is a story of missed connections, of second chances and forgiveness, of how great love always finds their way back despite the time and distance. The characters are as flawed and as human as they will ever be, I loved how it felt real. I appreciated that it wasn’t forced or just written for the sake of having a story to publish. The one that got away stories always have a special place in my heart. Gahhh it was just so beautiful. You can check my full review of it here. 

8. The Vegetarian by Han Kang

the_vegetarian_-_han_kangThis book will lure you into this pit of calmness and plunge you into this unsettling abyss that will stay in your head for days, yes days. It is a book you won’t easily forget. It will inhabit your mind like a guest who has overstayed their welcome. – An excerpt of my review that you can check out here.

The Vegetarian is another book that left me in such a daze. It was different from all I have read before. This book was a good take on the topic of mental illness. Lyrical and haunting. Han Kang’s writing style is on point yet had that power of plaguing your mind like it was an unresolved mystery. Fans of Haruki Murakami will surely enjoy Han Kang’s book. It gave off the same vibe as that of Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood.

9. Burial Rites by Hannah Kent

16122081While historical fiction isn’t my cup of tea, Burial Rites  made me want to try more books under this genre. I thought I would be struggling finishing this one but Hannah Kent’s writing style proved to be something so engaging and enthralling that I couldn’t help but devour the book in a much shorter span of time that what I have anticipated.

Burial Rites is a well researched masterpiece. You will appreciate the author’s hard work and effort in coming up with such brilliant narration of the life of woman accused of murder and her subsequent execution as well as the story that surrounded it. It was written in such a way that was powerful yet gentle. Agnes’ character will simply grow in you, and you’ll develop a sense of empathy. Reading this book will make you think that this isn’t the first book of the author, it was so beautifully written you could very well tell that the author had a long experience writing novels, but no, this book is Hannah Kent’s first novel and it was amazing. Nothing short of perfect to me. Imagine if she has more books under her belt, imagine how much beautiful her books could get. We are in for some huge treat! Hannah Kent sure is an author to watch out for. You can check my full review of the book here. 

10. Kyland by Mia Sheridan


Mia Sheridan has been a household name when it comes to New Adult books. I have heard so many great things about her that it is just natural to read one of her works. And boy I was not disappointed. Now I know why Mia Sheridan is loved by many. Kyland has just solidified that. Kyland is not just a love story, it was so much more! It was about two people who tried to make ends meet despite the struggles they face day in and day out. It was about sacrifices and choosing the happiness of the other over yours. Kyland ripped my heart out, I think I have cried a week’s worth of tears over this book. I had to stop in between chapters since I literally can’t deal with all the pain I was feeling. To say this broke my heart into tiny million pieces would have been the understatement of the year. You can check my full review here. 

11. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk


This is now included in my favorite books of all time list! I swear Chuck Palahniuk is a genius for writing such ridiculously good novel. It was so twisted yet so profound at the same time. It is the kind of book that will have you pondering on life and the grandness of it all. It may be considered as something “too masculine” yet I am still enamored by how it was conjured, of how everything unfolded. That twist made my jaw drop! I have not watched the movie so I had zero idea of what’s to go down, and boy that was some serious stuff. It was so good I was left in awe. And while it may be short, it was definitely a book that packed a punch (haha pun intended). You can check my full review of the book here. 

12. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes


Should I even bother explain why this book made it to my list? This is a no-brainer. But let me state three reasons why I loved this book. First, it tackles something so profound, something larger than life. It was thought-provoking at best. Second, it wasn’t just a love story, it wasn’t just about two people falling helplessly in love with each other – it was unconventional, poignant yet still captivating. And lastly, it will rip your heart out, you’ll cry buckets, o boy yes you will, and as if your heart can’t take anymore beating it will happen all over again. It was the kind of cycle you’ll be willing to participate. And though there are some issues surrounding this book, I still think that it was well played out, it was written in a such a way that you would understand the choices that characters made. You can check my full review of the book here. 

13. Game of Thrones by George RR Martin


Of course this blog entry wouldn’t be complete without this book. Finishing this book is an accomplishment! I think it is already an established fact that I am a huge fan of the TV Series, and because I wanted to understand it more, I have vowed to read all the books, and 2016 was the year I started. I may be taking a really long time to read all the books, but everything is worth it. It wasn’t called a hit for nothing, and I tell you the book is always better. George RR Martin’s writing prowess is quite like no other, how could such a man think of all these convoluted plot lines, only a genius could do that, and George RR Martin sure is one hell of a genius writer!

14. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath 


It was about damn time to read this book, and I did just that in 2016. I know I am late in the bandwagon, but still here I am. It is true that the word depressing doesn’t even begin to cover this book. It was a good take on the topic of depression. Esther’s character is relatable in more ways than one. You will feel her underneath your skin, it is as of you are the one experiencing everything that she has been going through. It was a perfect depiction of someone spiraling into the pits of depression, and while it is a sad read, it was also powerful and compelling. You can check my full review here.

15. The Pirate’s Wish by Cassandra Rose Clarke


The Pirate’s Wish is definitely a great conclusion to this duology by Cassandra Rose Clarke. You can check my full review of Assassin’s Curse here.. While Assassin’s Curse  didn’t quite live up to my expectation, as I had a lot of issues surrounding the characters and the character build up, The Pirate’s Wish definitely made up for it. In the second book, everything became coherent, there was also a huge improvement on the characters. I devoured the pages like it is nobody’s business. I highly enjoyed the world building. Cassandra Rose Clarke is definitely someone to watch out for. Can’t wait to read more of her works. You can check my full review of the book here. 

16. It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

27362503Last but definitely not the least, It Ends With Us. This book!!! I know not all people loved this book. It was the kind of story that people will either hate so profoundly or love it with all their heart, I am part of the latter. This book is the Colleen Hoover I fell in love with. Colleen Hoover was bold and brave in writing this story. There is something commendable on how the book turned out. When it comes to Colleen Hoover books, always expect the worst, wait for the other shoe to drop – but even then, even when you thought you are prepared for all the emotional beating it will still be a shocking and ultimately heartbreaking revelation. This book needs to be read because this book encapsulated something so precious and powerful you have to share it to the world. Just be warned though, I believe this caters more to adult readers as it talks about sensitive topics. You can check my full review here. 

So there you have it guys! Thank you for sticking around this 2016 and tolerating my sometimes lack of creativity and my incessant fangirling. Here’s to hoping 2017 will be kinder to all of us and to hoping we could take down our TBRs! Haha happy new year and have a blessed year ahead!



Life of A Bookstagrammer


I started bookstagram June of 2014. It wasn’t called as that then, it was just merely an instagram account solely dedicated for books or other bookish things. I made an account just to pass the time, to destress, and just look at other people’s ever growing collection of books. I have stalked so many accounts wishing I could own that amount of books too someday. I didn’t own a lot then, as I was not really a hardcore reader not until college, except for the occasional assigned readings in high school, Sweet Valley High and Goosebumps, I was just an ordinary teenager who lounges in front of the tv, or chat aimlessly over the phone with my classmate gossiping over some lame things high school girls worry about. Now I envy those high school kids these days, for they are born with so much options when it comes to books. They have everything now. Back when I was their age, we didn’t have enough YAs talking about vampires or wolves, we didn’t have Rainbow Rowell or Stephanie Perkins. Yes we have JK Rowling then, which I was more than grateful, I was acquainted with Harry when I was 14, but other than this, we didn’t have much. Now don’t look at me like that, I am not that old, I am only 26.


So I was not exposed that much to books when I was younger. For an instance I have only read The Great Gatsby last year, as opposed to all the readers who probably have read it when they were 16. Because of this, I hardly call myself a reader, I was a late bloomer so to speak. I have yet to read classics, and I wish I could be given an entire year just to read them, or get paid at reading them that would be even more amazing. To date I have only read 194 books (yes I’m basing this on Goodreads) this is not probably all the books I have read, but these are the ones I could remember.

What am I driving at here? Im saying, bookstagram helped me a lot. I mean a huge deal. I have learned about books, I probably wouldn’t pick up on my own. I have discovered authors I wouldn’t know about had it not been for the constant recommendations of other bookstagrammers and the greatest take away of all this, I get to meet a lot of amazing people whom I share the same passion with. I have met a family (holla to my Bookish Pinoy sisters), I’ve met amazing new authors, I’ve made real friends. And it was such an amazing experience. I have fangirled like crazy, cried like a heartbroken girl over a death of a fictional character, swooned over a fallen angel, laughed my heart’s content over a witty character all that and so much more. And I get to widen my horizon, try out a genre I wouldn’t even dare try before (hello Sci-Fi haha, but I’m still hesitant about Horror, I’ll get to it errrm someday, I hope haha).

So onto what you came here for. Haha.

I have been asked a couple of times how to start a bookstagram, I don’t think I’m the right person to ask, but here is my 2cents.

I say, you don’t have to own a lot of books, or brand new or newly released ones for that matter. Work with what you have. You don’t need to ask your parents to buy you this and that because it is what is in (hi teens I’m talking to you), don’t go starving yourself because you wanted that newly released book in hardcover so you could have something to flaunt on your bookstagram feed. You buy books to read them and love them, not for aesthetic purposes. I have known far too many people who do this, buy books just so they could have something new to post on their accounts. That’s now how bookstagram works, that’s not how life works. (I’m sounding like a preacher here, but listen to my point, haha) Social Media is as shallow as it is, we all know that, we post things people would like to see, even if it ain’t true at all. But don’t fall to this kind of mentality. Bookstagram isn’t about showing off, it’s about sharing what we love – books. And please don’t go asking people to give you books, this is not only annoying but, I mean what on earth? Don’t do that, it’s not nice. Let them give it to you wholeheartedly. They buy their own books with their own hard-earned money, and you will just blatantly tell them to give you books, sweetheart we barely know each other. (I have been a victim of this, I can’t believe people do that, I mean what the hell?!) If you can’t afford the books, save up for it. Live within your means. You don’t have the latest book in the  Remnant Chronicles? IT.IS.FINE. You will not die because you don’t own it yet. You’ll live, I promise! My point is, it’s okay if you don’t have the latest books yet. Nobody will stone you for that. Enjoy the books you already have, I’m sure you wanted them just as bad before you got them.

And don’t get me started with hyped books. I hated hyped books. What I normally do is let the hype die down, then that will be the time I will read it, save of course for occasional exceptions. But that’s how I do it. At least I’m very good at avoiding spoilers (but oh my good lord, I just read a Heart of Betrayal spoiler and I want to strangle the person, kidding! But seriously, why would you do that? Weren’t you hugged enough when you were a kid?)

Okay enough of my preacher side.

How about taking photos. Well, I’m not one to talk about taking great photos, I think my photos are just fine. Well, look at the other accounts, their photos are so crisp! I envy them so much, especially the ones with autumn leaves as backdrop, haha those are my bookstagram goals, but sadly there is no autumn here in the Philippines so I just work with what I have which is mostly a white bedsheet! White bedsheets always make the perfect backdrop throw in a coffee or a cup of tea and a bookmark and voila you have an instagram worthy photo. I remember when I was just starting bookstagram, whenever I take photos of my books, my siblings will look me as if I’ve lost it, with their what-the-hell looks coupled with a question: What do you get out of it? They ask me that all the time. And I just laugh at them, and say I get a lot of likes haha and a lot of friends and authors asking me to review their books, so yes, I get a lot out of it. Now, it is not something foreign to them, my sister for an instance would bring home Christmas themed donuts and will say “I bought them so you could include it in your photos, this will look nice!” or my brother who used to tease me whenever I take photos of my feet with what I am currently reading, will say “Take your photos here, the floor looks nice.” haha! I swear I now have a very supportive siblings! My other sister even got me Mr. Tea to include in my photos!

Mr Tea gets to work in Rhik's cup of lemon verbena.


And yes natural lighting is the key! Plus a few apps to help you improve your photos. I use Snapseed to adjust lightness, contrast, saturation and all that. Then use VSCO for filter. They have a lot of filters to choose from so play with it. Phonto i use to watermark my photos. I didn’t watermark my photos before, but now I have to, because there are a lot of instagram accounts that used  my photos without my permission whatsoever, let alone some credits, worst, they even crop the photo where the watermark is placed. Because of this I had no choice but to put watermark. After all this is covered by copyright. So I reserve all the rights over them. Ha!

Consistency is also important, you want your feed to look uniform and cohesive. Make it pleasing to the eyes. Plan a feed you would want to look at. 🙂


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.06.46 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.08.16 PM





Next. Be friendly! Talk to people! Reply to the comments on your feed. Whenever asked for recommendations, give one. Praise other people’s feeds, do a shout out from time to time. Hold a giveaway if you wish. Make bookstagram worth your while.

And the most important advice is to enjoy. Make it fun and light, something you spend your time on whenever you’ve been so stressed with school, work, or life in general. Make it a breather. Make it something  you would want to be a part of.

It’s never about gaining many followers, it is meeting new people. It is sharing our love for books. It is a community. So don’t stress yourself over it, just have fun and be surrounded by people who love books like you.

Happy bookstagramming! 🙂

2015 Bookish New Year Resolution


Whoa few hours from now and it will be 2015! 2014 flew by so fast! In 2014 I was able to read 54 books. I had set my goal to 50, since I now I wouldn’t have the time to read much book not until November because I reviewed for the bar exams and took it last October. So despite that, I am happy to have completed my reading goal. Honestly I do not know how much books I will be challenging myself to read by 2015, maybe to 75 or yet to 50 again. We’ll see, that would depend what awaits me for 2015 (insert bar exams result, this is seriously giving me anxiety haha). So for the last day of 2014, I am going to share with you my 2015 Bookish New Year Resolution.

Discover a New Author

…and possibly love his/her works. Last 2014 I was able to read works from different authors I have not heard of before. This 2015, I will challenge myself to read more works of authors I’ve been meaning to read or discover new ones, not of specific genre, but I want my choice to be as diverse as possible. Who knows, I might find a new favorite author! In 2014, my total favorites were Neal Shusterman, Mary E.Pearson, Susan Ee, Lang Leav, Lindy Zart, RS Grey Chuck Palahniuk,and Andrew Smith to name a few.

Read more from a Genre I have not explored 

I think I will read more historical fiction and science fiction and oh more nonfiction!

Less YA

Oh! Don’t stone me! I just wanted to give focus on other genres, but who am I kidding I am always drawn to YA! hahah.

Read More Classics

Yes, it is about damn time to read more of the Bronte sisters, Ernest Hemingway…I’ll get there so fret not!

Read more poetry

So much yes to this, this December I’ve been purchasing poetry books over at book depository it will all be here by January and I cannot wait. I have loved poetry since highschool so collecting them would be a no brainer. This year I immensely enjoyed the works of Lang Leav – Love and Misadventure and Lullabies

Less Book Buying even lesser TBR

Who on earth am I kidding,  I can see this is so not going to happen, but Ill try my best! ha! More like. more book buying and more TBR – insane.

Buy the ones I really like

…this is more true, I should stop buying books that isn’t on my top list – well book sale and warehouse sale will be an exception.

Take more beautiful bookish photos

Before I was a blogger (if I can even consider myself one) I am a bookstagrammer, I share my current reads, recent purchase and whatnot on Instagram, I started bookstagram May 2014, it was originally just an escape from review, a break from reading law provisions, I did know it will grow, by the end of 2014 I have gained 5.8k followers and I am really thankful for them. It makes me happy to know that I have influenced some to read a certain book, and the most amazing part of being a bookstagrammer is I get to meet amazing people, like my bookish sisters over at Bookish Pinoys.

So yes, I want to take more beautiful photos, I wanted to do some variations, since I think my photos are becoming bland, heheh I shall remedy that soon.

Read more underrated books

I have always been influenced by all the hype surrounding a specific series or a specific book, that I end up buying it, but most of the time I end up disappointed. But whenever I read underrated books, it will shock me that it turned out so good, and wonder why it hasn’t received much hype. So for 2015, I am looking forward to reading underrated books, they also deserve to be read and to receive the rave it deserves.


So this is my 2015 Bookish New Year Resolution, what about you? Have you made any?

Book Bargain #3 and Huge Reading Slump


I got this book from BookSale for only P145 or $3 bought from SM Lipa

Hi! I have not posted for a while, as I am currently undergoing too much holidays stuff and whatnot. I’ve been always out, doing some last minute Christmas shopping, running some errands, attending christmas parties and family reunions, I swear it wore me out. Thus the reason of my huge reading slump, whenever I have a few spare time, I don’t spend it on reading, I rather lie down, or laze around or watch tv, or whenever I bring myself to read a few pages, it feels like I am forcing myself, and I hate having that feeling, I read because I want to, not because for the sake of finishing the book, I don’t want to rush it, I want to give it justice.

Last Friday, we dropped by a mall before we head to our relatives, I of course went to booksale, I wanted to find something to read while we are at our relatives’ place. I’m not one to mingle with adults and hold adult conversations, I seriously suck at that. So as I was browsing the stacks of books, I chanced upon Unwind by Neal Shusterman,I have been wanting to read this book for the longest time as I am very intrigued by its plot, so when I saw the first book of the series, I did not think twice, I immediately bought it. This book got me out of my reading slump, so yay for that! I am half way through and I am really loving the story, I love stories that make you think, make you predict what will happen next! Oh I so love the uniqueness of this book, I now understand all the hype about it!!

So that pretty sums up my holiday haha! How about you guys, how’s your holiday going so far?


curled up in bed with these uhmazing book with my favorite socks 🙂

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!


Haha okay, I just sounded like Effie there. Anyways, welcome to my blog, (geez, hopefully I could stick to this one and not change for like the hundredth time, kidding, this is actually my third attempt on putting up a decent blog). I am fairly new to the book blogging community, well if you will count the two failed attempts, I could say I am in here for a little over two years now, but I hate to admit I wasn’t as active as a true blood book blogger should have been. (insert law school duties here.)

So let me first Introduce myself (properly). I am Eunice. I started this reading experience back in my grade school days where Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine, and Sweet Valley High were all that was available in my school library. I can even remember that I had this little competition with my classmate then as to who would be the first one to fill up our library cards. Oh it was fun, and yeah, I won in that mini competition of ours. Good times! Then high school came, I wasn’t a hard core reader then, the only ones I have read were Harry Potter and some classics required for school. I envy teenagers these days, they are bombarded with endless book choices, back in my day (well don’t look at me like that, I am not as ancient as I portray myself to be, I am only 25 turning 26 this January) the book choices are not as vast as today and yep I hardly buy books then. Then college, I did not read much when I was in college, back then I thought college was so hard I could not possibly read for fun even if I wanted to, then my 21 year-old self said “Wait ’til you enter law school.” And so, yes I entered law school, I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it was because no matter how many superlatives I will throw or how many tears I shed or even how many pimples I show you guys, no one can truly understand a person who has been to law school than another crazy individual who went through the same ordeal. So to put it mildly, and this has been the joke between me and my friends, law school is just a walk in the park …. Jurassic Park – and I kid you not. I am going to cut that horrible part of my life and proceed to telling you of my reading life in law school, so yes there are a lot of law books to read, a lot of provisions to memorize, a lot of cases to be familiar with – and by some magical stroke of luck I was able to read some novels purely for fun. I was hooked at New Adult and Young Adult genre, they were my guilty pleasures to say the least. It was an escape from the hell hole I was in. I immensely enjoyed books with hot guys and not-so-popular girls, because these are the books one would want to read after his or her brain has been battered by too much intellectual stuff. It was a breather. Up until now, even if I am done with law school, I still enjoy these genres, and I wouldn’t be ashamed of it. I am an adult reading YA, so what, there isn’t shame in that, but shame on people who actually think they are better than the rest of the world because they have read Les Miserables or all the works of Ernest Hemingway. Oh please, READ and LET READ. There should not be such thing as book shaming, we should read what we want. I find it ridiculous when people give disgusted looks to those people who have read and enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey, I for one have read and enjoyed it. It wasn’t the best out there but I enjoyed it, to hell with what other’s think. (Why is this becoming a rant entry? Haha) So okay, there, I have explained myself, to cut the boring and long story short, I am here making up for the lost times. I will be reading any book I want, and no one could tell me otherwise!!

Ha, I actually forgot what this blog is all about. In here I am going to post reviews, to-be read books, anticipated ones, new releases, relationship with books and anything under the sun that is of course related to books! Have fun and enjoy my little space in the world wide web! 🙂