Hello to you beautiful stranger, you found me! Yay. I hope my blog would be worth your while. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am Eunice.

Ha! My mind went blank. I am bad at describing myself.

I’ll try. This is me trying…

Okay, seriously now. Here are facts about me.

  1. I love poetry. (Nope still not a strong start…) I immensely enjoy the hidden meanings of every poem I encounter, it is as if you get what the poet was saying and you don’t, quite at the same time. It is hard to explain. Well poetry is the highest form of literature, so they say. So it can never be caged into one definition. You read a poem one point in your life and hardly found relevance to it, and then you come across it a few years later and now everything just made sense. I loved how it never actually ends, how open-ended it can be, depends on who and what you are the moment you encounter them. I love how it is ever-changing, always can adapt to almost anything in your life. That’s how vague and all over the place my explanation could get. But I hope you get the idea.
  2. I love the color pink and teal.
  3. I love tea. (I probably should stop starting every sentence with “I love”) English Breakfast and Earl Grey are my ultimate favorite. Most especially English Breakfast Tea Latte, oh good god I live for those things. I am no longer a heavy coffee-drinker, thanks law school for making me so attached to coffee my blood was practically composed mainly of it. I guess when you’ve been to law school, coffee will mean the difference between failing and passing, it was actually a life saver. I can not count the times coffee has saved me. For that, I was thankful, but I need to break up with it. Our relationship has to end at some point I guess. Don’t get me wrong I still drink coffee, it’s just that I don’t see the need to fill my body with too much caffeine to tide me over the grueling nights. Tea, is my preferred companion, thank you very much.
  4. I particularly fancy Fantasy books with good romance in it – especially ones with angels and badass female protagonists. I also enjoy stories set in a kingdom far far away. Haha. And oh yes, I love contemporary romance just as much, especially the ones that involves marines or a highly intellectual guy haha (I could be shallow like that, and I would not ask for forgiveness, I will read what I want to read, hahah I’m sounding so defensive right now.) I just recently discovered that I immensely enjoy memoirs, especially stories of women who became successful at their chosen fields. I am branching out to books that tackle feminism, so a recommendation from you guys will be highly appreciated.
  5. The only extent of my horror genre reading experience was Goosebumps by RL Stine which I have read back when I was in grade school. I have never read any other horror book after that, so again, I would appreciate good horror book recommendations. Just please be gentle, don’t recommend the scariest one right off the bat. I will get there, eventually-ish. Recommend some mild ones for starters such as myself.
  6. I used to read books from an e-reader, but my e-reader is not as helpful as it was before, I seriously need to get my hands on a new kindle. Remind me to save up for it. Now all my Net Galley requests are pending because of this predicament. I should make this Kindle a top priority eh? Well my TBR tripled the past year, all my unread paperbacks and hardbacks are looking at me with accusation, with disdain, with disgust, as if saying how could I be so neglectful of them. And there I was on my knees, apologizing for each of them saying I didn’t mean for them to collect dust, it’s just that I got overwhelmed and bought way too much books than I could possibly read in this lifetime, meaning, humanly possible. At the same time I made a promise to get to them as soon as I could. It’s just nice to have the books you wanted on your shelf, that good assurance that you can read them whenever you feel like it.
  7. I love romcoms. Maybe this was the reason why I became a hopeless romantic person. I love it even though they are cliches. Maybe I myself is a cliche, wait, a guy actually told me that I am a cliche, but whatever, I don’t care how he perceived me, I love the things I do and I don’t owe anyone an explanation haha. Live and let live!
  8. I hate humble brags. Just don’t. For the love of god!
  9. I love the smell of old books.
  10. My ultimate Hollywood Crush would be Tom Hardy, Kit Harrington comes second.
  11. Two of my articles got published at Thought Catalog.
  12. I am constantly trying to be better. A better person, a better reader, a better friend, a better speaker, a better writer, a better sister, a better daughter, a better listener, a better critic, a better lover (eh?! haha). Just generally a better individual in this cruel and judgmental world we live in. I want to be progressive. I want to grow old and look back in my life with pride, to say to myself that I have become the person my five-year old self would look up to.


So there! Hahah! Those are a lot for our first encounter, if ever we are on a date, I could picture you leaving the moment I said I love the color pink. Hahah so glad I couldn’t see you roll your eyes. Haha!




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