Practicing Misis by Rosan Katlea Reodica: Book Review



Date Published: March 2016

Publisher: PSICOM Publishing

Date Read: March 2016

No. of Pages: 249

Source: Copy provided by the author.


A woman’s guide to good cooking with extra ooomph and a heart. 

I was surprised that the author messaged me saying she would like to send me a copy of her book. Before agreeing, I checked what it was about. It was a cookbook with bits of wit and love thrown in the mix. I remembered asking her if it is a requirement to have a husband or a boyfriend to enjoy her cookbook, because if so, we have a problem haha. Her reply was it wasn’t necessary as the book is actually about self love, learning to cook for yourself first before you feed the ones you love. I was sold by that reply alone. I have not encountered a book quite like it. And to be completely honest I was intrigued. So I agreed, I tell you it was the best decision I’ve done so far.

This is more than just a cookbook, it is more than a narration of ingredients, of how to cut your meat, or how long will it take for it to be edible, it is more than a process of cooking – it is an experience, it is incorporating the author’s experiences in life (which I can totally relate to, high five from a fellow Caviteña!) into the dish she’s preparing. It is definitely the epitome of cooking something with love. Making it comforting and liberating at the same time. As she puts it lakas make-Adult haha. We have been too consumed by a lot of things, what with all the stuff on the internet, how to keep up with our friends, how to juggle our professional lives and our responsibilities with leisure time, being adult is seriously hard, but this book covered one of the important aspects of life – how to make yourself good food without compromising quality. Well, we adults deserve great food at the end of a tiring day.

I loved how innovative this cookbook was, how it was able to add twist into conventional food we are used to (*insert the Corned Beef Red Sinigang and Tinola sa Pakwan here*). Also how every recipe seemed so easy, no need for super cooking skills, just the right amount of heart and pouring one’s time and effort into making a dish that will surely brighten your day and the ones around you. I loved how the usual comfort food is given that extra upgrade. There was this sense that every dish was prepared with utmost love and respect to whoever will eat it. I enjoyed that reading it was like talking to a dear friend, telling you what to do and what not to. That same feeling when you call your mom at 2 in the afternoon just to ask how things are done, and she’ll give you that step by step process. I loved how the book was more of a conversation, how reassuring and how comforting it sounded. And it was really fun to read, with feels and hugots thrown in there, you cannot miss the funny and witty characteristic of the author.

I loved how the author collated these recipes and sharing them to Mrs.-To-Bes who are exerting extra efforts to please their future husbands, girlfriends in training, and even single ladies who just wanted to just cook for themselves and eventually be able to feed others, may it be a significant other or herself for a little while. I loved how this book is certainly for everyone. This book will teach you not just how to cook but also how to have your own rules in cooking, how not to stay too conventional but add a little flare to your everyday food. And now I desperately want to try every recipe here and just wow my family at how good at cooking I have become overnight, haha lol!

I highly recommend this to everyone, you can buy it here or you can get a copy at any National Book Store and other bookstores 🙂 I have found a perfect gift to my recently engaged girl friends!!!

Rating: rating_4stars

“Through food, win the love of your life. By now you should know, this should have always been you.”


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