Jenny of Jayne VS Books, Rexy of Reading Rexy, Cath of To All The Books I’ve Read Before, Elena of The Queen Reads, Krish of @krish.reads on IG and I agreed on something awesomesauce!

We decided to host a Feminist Readathon for the month of February. Few days ago it flooded the twitterverse that Emma Watson just made a bookclub Our Shared Shelf tackling books about Feminism or about women in general and equality. I immediately joined, of course.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 5.17.04 PM.png

Because of this, an inspiration hit me like a wrecking ball! Haha! I don’t have a copy of the book Emma Watson chose for the book club, but because I want to read these kinds of books so much and wanted to contribute to this great cause, I did something quite similar to it. I conspired with the girls to read Feminist books this February! When I proposed the idea to them, I was happy that they immediately agreed to it. Making everything much more exciting.

So for the whole month of February we will read as much as Feminist books we could get our hands on. This made me so excited. What better way to read a book about women than read it with your girlfriends! There are no rules girls (and guys if you want to join, I urge you to join us, Feminism is for everybody), all you have to do is prepare your books focusing on Feminism and read the month away (you actually have 29 days to squeeze in a lot of books! *wink*)

Maybe you are wondering what are these books?

I took the liberty to do the research for you! There is a plethora of books to choose from, so you wouldn’t have any excuse. They are just waiting for you to read them.

You can check these lists:


Share this on your social media accounts, your own blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (if you wish) and use the hashtag #WomenRunTheWorldReadathon I know it is a bit too long hahah! We want to involve as many people as possible so spread the word!


I also made a group on Goodreads Women Run The World Read-A-Thon, please feel free to join and add the books you consider reading! This will be so much fun!


Hope this will be a success, and who knows, we can do this as a yearly thing! So prepare your books, and let us exchange thoughts about what we have read! Looking forward to have a great chat with all of you! 🙂



12 thoughts on “#WomenRunTheWorldReadathon

  1. I love this so much!!! I just wish your links popped up on a different page so that I didn’t have to go back and forth. But there is so much great information in this post! I joined Emma Watson’s book club, and ordered the book, as a result of this post so thank you! I’m trying to join the we run the world one but there’s an error 😳 I’ll figure it out though 😉

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